Pros and Cons of Hiring Professional Roofing Services

Pros and Cons of Hiring Professional Roofing ServicesDid you know roofing systems can last from 20 to over 100 years?

Asphalt shingle roofs, the most common type, can last around two decades. By contrast, clay, concrete, or slate roofs have an estimated lifespan of 100+ years.

However, those figures only apply to regularly inspected, serviced, and well-maintained systems. Thus, to make your roof last as long as possible, you must have it inspected and serviced at least once a year. Nor should you delay repairs, as that would only worsen problems such as leaks.

Professional roofing services are your best bet for proper roof care and upkeep. Still, they have a few caveats that you should be aware of.

Below, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of professional roof services,.

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With this in mind, I decided to put together this article which shares the pros and cons of hiring professional roofing services.

Pro: Better for Your Safety

Falls cause an estimated 8 million US hospital emergency room visits every year. Such incidents result in sprains, strains, broken bones, and concussions.

Many of those accidents occur at home. You could be at risk for such injuries if you try to DIY a roofing job.

Suppose you get up on your roof and you slightly lose your balance. That could cause you to stumble, leading to a potential fall.

Another possible scenario is you stepping on a damaged roof section. That part could be in such bad shape that it collapses under your weight. As a result, you may sustain a wound, lose your balance, and fall.

Professional roofing companies lower such risks by requiring workers to wear safety gear. These include harnesses and personal protective equipment such as helmets and gloves. With these, roofers have a lower risk of falling and injuring themselves.

In the unlikely event that a roofer gets into an accident, you’re still safe from liabilities. That’s because these professionals carry worker’s compensation and liability insurance. So even if an incident occurs on the job, you don’t have to worry about being liable.

Con: Not All Roofers Are Reputable

Depending on your state, only licensed roofers can provide professional roofing services. These include Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida, and Illinois, to name a few.

A roofing license typically requires meeting educational and training/apprenticeship criteria. Another prerequisite is to pass the licensure test and purchase mandatory insurance coverage.

Just because a service provider says it’s a licensed company doesn’t mean it has a valid license. It may have an expired or suspended license.

It’s also possible for a roofing company with a valid license to have an expired insurance policy. Such can happen due to insurance reporting delays or, worse, fraud.

The good news is that you can avoid such companies by confirming their credentials. One way to do this is to call your state licensing department. Some state agencies also let you verify licenses online to confirm their validity.

You should also call the insurer of each provider you wish to hire. The insurance company can tell you if a roofing company’s policy is legitimate.

Pro: More Convenient and Timelier Results

For roofers to become licensed, they often need several years of work experience. For example, they need at least four years of experience in California.

That’s why licensed roofers can finish jobs faster than those with less or no experience.

Considering erratic weather events, prompt completion of roof work is incredibly vital. Even more so because such inclement weather conditions now occur more often. For instance, it could be sunny for three days straight and stormy for the rest of the week.

Speaking of sunny, pro roofers can also help you install solar panels faster. After all, you must inspect and fix your roof before installing a solar energy system. If you don’t, and your roof isn’t sturdy enough, it could cave in under the weight of the panels.

Pro roofers, equipped with knowledge, skills, and the right tools, are likelier to finish a job within a day. By contrast, DIYers and less-experienced handypersons are more likely to need more time. Much more so that they can take weeks, as the weather can take a turn for the worse and cause delays.

Con: Professional Roofing Services Are Expensive

One of the most significant drawbacks to hiring pro roofers is their cost. It depends on the job, how extensive it is, and your location. However, you can expect them to cost a few hundred bucks to thousands of dollars.

The primary reason for that high cost is labor. Remember: You’re hiring someone else to do all the hard (and dangerous) work for you. So, the more complex the job and the more time needed to finish it, the more expensive the labor fee is.

Where you live also dictates how hefty labor charges are. For instance, if you live in CA or NY, expect higher bills as these two have among the highest labor and living costs. But if you’re a resident of GA or WY, it would cost you less since the labor and living costs here are also lower.

Pro: Higher Quality Results Backed With Guarantees

Reputable professional roofers use quality roofing materials tested to withstand harsh environments. For example, they may use UV protective coating for shingle roofs in areas with high UV indices. As for colder or wetter climates, they may use materials with extra waterproofing.

Pro roofers provide warranties to make you feel even more assured of their quality work. For instance, they usually back up their services with a craftsmanship warranty. This guarantees the quality of their work for at least a year or so.

There’s also the roofing material warranty. This guarantees that the materials used are free of defects. Its length depends on the manufacturer but is usually valid for at least ten years.

Invest in Professional Roofing Services

Pro roofing services will cost you more than if you do the job yourself, but they’re your safer option. They’re also the better choice for superior work quality. After all, professional roofers have trained and honed their skills to be in this line of work.

So, before you try to DIY or hire a handyperson for a roofing job, consider the pros of going pro first.

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