Practical Ways To Refresh Your Home On A Budget 

refresh home on a budgetIf you want to make where you live feel a bit more homey, you will love these practical ways to refresh your home on a budget.

Most homeowners spend around $1,893-$11,180 to hire an interior designer with the average cost coming in at $5,406. If you’re looking to update your home on a smaller budget, fear not. It’s more than possible to refresh your interior design with simple yet inspiring updates without breaking the bank

If you’re familiar with my work, then you know I’m an award winning designer. I love designing books and video courses. Plus I love home design as well.

With this in mind, I created this simple guide with ways to refresh your home on a budget.

Practical Ways To Refresh Your Home On A Budget

1. Add wall art

Wall art can add color, personality, and style to your space without having to be expensive or labor intensive. For example, you can hang a big piece of statement art or design a gallery wall with your favorite prints and images. If you want to get wall art on a budget, then you’ll love my Instant Wall Art collection of beautiful and inspiring posters. Alternatively, try showcasing some of your trinkets and plants on a couple of floating shelves artistically arranged together. 

2. Spruce up your windows 

Sprucing up your windows can make them look bigger and brighter, which in turn impacts throughout the whole room. By extending your curtain rods beyond the window frame, for instance, you can create the illusion of that extra wall space actually being window glass. Also hanging the rods higher (at or at least near the ceiling) will make your windows look both wider and taller. You can also refresh or replace old blinds to brighten up your windows. Magnetic blinds, for example, look great and are easy to install — there’s no need to drill the wall or window frame as magnets keep the blinds in place. However, magnetic blinds will only work with metal window frames and not vinyl or wooden surfaces.

3. Replace your hardware

Replacing your hardware is a simple yet effective way to breathe new life into your home. The right decorative knobs, handles, pulls, and hinges are all you need to transform and elevate your aesthetic. And, when it comes to your choice of hardware, your options are endless as well as affordable. For example, marble drawer knobs are on trend and look great contrasted against a wooden dresser. If you’re a fan of modern design, there’s no need to limit your hardware to traditional styles. A pair of geometric door knockers, for example, can add retro glamor to an otherwise boring sideboard. You can even DIY plain old standard drawer pulls by spray painting them gold to instantly add warmth and elegance to your interiors.

Consider adding in something new to your outdoor space as well. It could be a door wreath, a quirky doormat, new flowers, string lights on trees, or solar deck post lights. Adding a little color and light into your exterior can work wonders to make it more visually appealing and welcoming.

Breathing new life into your home doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. By adding wall art, revamping your windows, and replacing your hardware, you can successfully update your interiors on a tight budget. 

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