Decluttering Your Home To Organize Your Mind

Decluttering Your Home To Organize Your MindIf you’re feeling stressed, you’ll love these tips for decluttering your home to organize your mind. Learn how to turn where you live into a relaxing space.

Tidy home, tidy mind, so the saying goes, and for many, the past eighteen months has seen that fly out the window. As Americans spend increasing parts of the day at home, clutter has built up.

The National Geographic cite studies that show increased clutter creates stress and anxiety, with brain scans conducted of those in cluttered environments painting a clear picture.

Clearly, reducing the amount of clutter in the home can help to reduce clutter in the mind and enhance well-being – however, with the home necessarily more active and full, decluttering isn’t always a straightforward task.

As you might know, I am a recovered anxiety sufferer who wrote a bestselling meditation guide called Instant Calm and founded the popular video course called The Anxiety Cure.

I personally know what it’s like to feel stressed and anxious. Thankfully I also know how to develop the superpower of calm – even during tough times.

I’m committed to helping people to live calm, happy lives  – which is why I decided to put together this quick home decluttering guide (below).

I hope you enjoy trying these simple tips for decluttering your home to organize your mind.

Decluttering Your Home To Organize Your Mind

For your safety, health, and wellbeing, here’s how to declutter your home to organize your mind.

1. Keep it simple

Homes are an extension of one’s personality. It can be tempting to fill the home with personal mementos and items to show that.

Instead of filling every corner of your room with big, clunky pieces, a better strategy is to use a few bold pieces to redecorate.

A good way to achieve it is through using jewelry as decoration. You may have a few choice items, or statement pieces, that you don’t wear every day, for one reason or another. Creating displays for your jewelry, and placing them strategically throughout the house, can minimize clutter while also giving a personal touch to your living space. This is important, of course, as it can act as a reminder of your individuality. And owning who you are – as a unique human – is a big contributor to mental well being. For furniture, antiques, or old clothes you rarely use, you may decide to put it on sale. You can rent out a self storage facility close to your home to store them for the meantime.

2. Focus on areas of positivity

You can further develop your sense of self-worth by putting focus into the areas that matter.

Your office space is for work. And so it should be decluttered to help you focus. Basically,  it should be plain enough so as not to create too much distraction.

What about the rest of the house, however? The bathroom and bedroom should always be areas of self-care and quiet reflection. The former benefits from being calm, clean, and quiet – an area in which you can mentally disengage from the day with a shower, and feel refreshed for the evening.

3. Turn your bedroom into a relaxation room

Your bedroom should feel calming and happy – with hints of sensuality.

As you know, nature can be a big thing when it comes to wellbeing. Health.com explores how sounds alone can reduce heart rate and inspire the release of endorphins.

With this in mind, it’s a great idea to take nature into the bedroom. Consider arranging simple houseplants or vases of flowers around the room. Also, keep your TV set with a “wallpaper” of nature videos. Or play a nature sound track via your speakers.  When you surround yourself with these elements from nature, you’ll feel far more calm and serene.

Likewise, hide your computer – so it doesn’t remind you of work – or trigger an impulse to jump on social media.  Store your computer in a drawer, cabinet – or under your bed.

Speaking of your bed – try to make it first thing in the morning, so in the evening it’s conveniently ready for sleep. A beautiful made bed is a signal to your brain to jump on and unwind.

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