10 Health and Wellness Retreat Ideas

10 Health and Wellness Retreat Ideas

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and less energetic, you’ll love to learn more about these health and wellness retreat ideas.

It has been a difficult year in most parts of the world due to the global pandemic, restrictions and illnesses have caused people to fall into poor lifestyle habits and affected their mental and emotional wellbeing.

But now there is light at the end of the tunnel with the success of mass vaccination programs. Good news! But it still leaves us with the challenge of kick-starting our health and wellbeing once again. Unfortunately this is something that isn’t always easy to do when you work and have family responsibilities.

Well, I believe that one of the best ways back into the healthy lifestyle of your choice is through a health and Wellness Retreat. 

As you might know, I am a recovered anxiety sufferer who wrote a bestselling meditation guide called Instant Calm and founded the popular video course called The Anxiety Cure.

I personally know what it’s like to feel stressed and anxious. Thankfully I also know how to develop the superpower of calm – even during tough times.

I’m committed to helping people to live calm, happy lives  – which is why I decided to put together this quick guide on health and wellness retreat ideas.

10 Health and Wellness Retreat Ideas

No matter where your primary interest lays there is a health and Wellness Retreat for you. If you want to clear your mind of stress and find meaning in life try meditation. Or if you want to improve your fitness and strength try yoga. Plus, if you want to kickstart an exercise routine why not go on a workout retreat? 

1. Yoga Retreats 

Yoga is an ancient lifestyle practice that originated in India thousands of years ago before the first religions began to form. Contrary to popular belief it is not only about asanas and sun salutations. Yoga is also about food, wellbeing, and lifestyle. 

On a Yoga retreat you will work with advanced yoga practitioners who will train you in the art of Yoga postures. They will also teach you the philosophy of Yoga. And the most effective lifestyle practices to take back into your life. 

Although Yoga is a solo activity, on a retreat you will meet other practitioners from around the world. You’ll form close supportive relationships. Yoga is all about self development and internal growth. But it’s also a supportive community.

2. Meditation Retreats 

Do you find your life stressful and unsatisfying sometimes? Or maybe you are interested in meditation to gain insights into the meaning of life. Maybe you’re eager to find some motivation or direction. Either way a meditation retreat makes a great wellness retreat idea.. This kind of retreat will equip you with the life tools you need. 

There are various types of meditation and different retreats focus on one or the other.

Broadly, you can choose between…

  • mindfulness meditation
  • samadhi meditation
  • vipassana meditation

Different styles have different goals and techniques. 

Mindfulness will give you the techniques to live a more conscious life. Meanwhile samadhi and vipassana are more advanced.

The goal of meditation is to discover “selflessness” and transcendental awareness that can transform the meaning of your life. 

3. Women’s Retreats 

Are you a woman with a desire to get away from the conditions of everyday life? Perhaps you want to empower yourself without the distractions of responsibilities and habitual living? You might not have considered a woman’s retreat before – but they have some excellent benefits. 

Women’s retreats bring together women from around the world. They create a heart-centered space for collaboration, sharing, and adventure. In a community like this, you will relate and connect with another woman like yourself and find new strength and insight. 

Women’s retreats make a terrific wellness retreat idea. They take place in beautiful surroundings and in exotic locations where “the work” is not the only thing to look forward to. You will also go on inspiring adventures in the area such as trekking and snorkeling. 

4. Senior Living Retreats 

Whether it is for a short or long-term stay, a senior living retreat is an excellent way to maintain your health and wellbeing in your later years. Why continue to live in your inner-city dwelling that is familiar but tired, when you could have a luxury space to enjoy?

A senior living retreat such as La Posada offers a wide array of amenities specially designed for the comfort and pleasure of senior residents. Enjoy 5-star chef-prepared meals, dining with friends, health and fitness facilities, beautiful trails, and relaxing spas. 

It’s easy to become uninspired when you’re older and live alone, or your movement is restricted. That’s why a senior living retreat is an excellent choice. Living in one of these resorts brings the luxury to you and lets you enjoy a new environment. 

5. Solo Retreats 

We all need breaks from our day-to-day habitual existence to remind ourselves what life is about and to reconnect. This could take the form of a vacation overseas or some time out camping or hiking. Alternatively, you could go on a solo retreat. 

Solo Retreats are the best way to reconnect with who you are and get a perspective of your life. Often we are so tied up with the lives of other people (and influenced by the thoughts and impressions of our society) that we aren’t able to see things as they truly are. 

Extract yourself from these conditions for a week or two on a solo retreat. You will return with new energy, perspective, and enthusiasm for your life. Solo retreats typically have exotic settings like jungles, coasts, mountains, or lakes. 

6. Ayurveda Retreats 

Like Yoga, Ayurveda is a very ancient healing practice that originated in India thousands of years ago. Although it has some crossovers with Yoga, such as certain fasting and dieting practices, the two fields are quite different. One is focused on movement, the other healing. 

These days there has been a big shift towards homeopathic remedies as the cure for the ailments of the modern world. This is one reason Ayurveda has emerged more and more into the mainstream of alternative therapies. An Ayurveda retreat is the luxury you need to heal and take your life forward. 

There are two types of people that go on Ayurveda Retreats…

  • those who go for detox treatment to heal
  • and those who go on these Retreats to learn about the healing practices for their lives or their businesses back home

7. Spiritual Retreats 

A spiritual retreat combines some of the practices above and infuses them with chanting and ritual to create a holistic retreat to re-energize your spirit and bring inspiration back into your life. Expect to find meditation, yoga, and dietary plans on a spiritual retreat. 

A spiritual retreat is a holistic approach to the tiredness and fatigue brought about by everyday living. The idea is to take you out of your habitual surroundings and create the best conditions for you to reconnect with yourself and what’s important in your life. 

As with other retreats on this list, a spiritual retreat takes place in a beautiful natural setting that allows your mind to unfold in all directions and absorb the radiant natural environment around you – these are experiences and memories that will fuel your inspiration for many years. 

8. Music Retreats

If you love music but don’t get enough of it in your local area or from summer festivals you might want to consider a music retreat as a wellness retreat idea. Unlike live music events, a music retreat takes you deeper into your favorite subject and inspires you in new ways. 

Whether you just enjoy music or you want to learn an instrument or connect with a music culture at a deeper level, a music retreat gives you the conditions to take your interest further than ever before. Travel to unique locations and meet new people to relate to. 

The idea of a music retreat is to help you connect with a musical tradition, so you might travel to England for rock music or India for Bharatnatyam. Enjoy conga and rumba in Latin America or folk and blues in the USA. 

9. Food Retreats 

If you love food or you have an interest in healthy eating then a food retreat could be an excellent way to spend your summer vacation this year. A food retreat is only about eating, you will also enjoy cooking and learning about new dietary cuisines. 

There are thousands of food Retreats to choose from around the world all with their unique features and focuses. Choose the type of cuisine you love or one that you want to learn more about and spend a few weeks in the company of like-minded people. 

When you return from a food retreat you will have gained so much knowledge and inspiration that your friends and family will hardly recognize you. Treat them to unique recipes inspired by local traditions and folk knowledge. 

10. Workout Retreats  

Do you feel a little out of shape and can’t see to get the routine you need to change things for the better? This is a common story. Life is hectic and there is precious little time for the regular workouts you need to keep your body and mind perfectly balanced. 

Heading off on summer workout retreats is a terrific wellness retreat idea. They are an excellent way to kickstart your new way of life. You will have a daily schedule of activities and rest to raise your fitness standards and start to change your body with diet and exercise. 

On returning from a workout retreat you will not one be inspired to stay fit and healthy in your life but you will have to learn how to make it possible by integrating the schedule you’ve kept on the retreat back into your life. Summer is the perfect time to kickstart a new lifestyle routine. 

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