Everything You Need to Know About Major Arcana and Zodiac

Everything You Need to Know About Major Arcana and ZodiacIf you’re a spiritual person, you will love reading about everything you need to know about major arcana and zodiac in this comprehensive article.

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The connection between Major Acana and Zodiac

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Astrology is an ancient science and people have believed for years that their personality traits and characteristics are influenced by the placement of the planets and stars when they were born. There are also two types of astrology, tropical astrology and sidereal astrology, which is more common in the east. 

Each zodiac sign is different and people born under the same zodiac sign can be different from each other too. For example, if you are a Taurus born on March 21, you are affected by some of the characteristics of Aries, meanwhile, Tauruses born on April 4 are mainly affected by the Taurus sign. You can get more information about this from different resources, such as Zodiac Story’s Taurus birthday horoscope or by checking your natal chart. That is why Zodiac signs are being thoroughly studied to discover how those factors influence personalities.

Each zodiac sign has a corresponding Tarot card. Today we are going to go over the correspondences between the Major Arcana cards and zodiac signs. This can tell you more about the archetypal energies of your zodiac sign.

Aries vs The Emperor

Aries – the fierce leader and the “firstborn” of the zodiac corresponds with the Emperor, of course. The Emperor represents the ability to be your own authority; you’ve braved your way through life, you’ve shown courage and grit, which lead you to the position of a leader and the position of the utmost power.

As Emperor you rule, others expect your protection and guidance, and you’re happy to provide it, it’s your natural role and your instincts with which you were born. You are on top of things and everything is under your control. But remember, the greater the power – the greater the responsibility.

Taurus vs The Hierophant

Taurus is a sign of security and materialistic values, Hierophant represents tradition and convention. It foreshadows arranged marriage (marriage for profit and gain) and the entrance of a great counselor or a teacher in one’s life. 

Taurus achieve a lot in life through their patience and hard work, thus they gain a lot of life experience and expertise in their chosen fields. Through the role of a Hierophant, Taurus can guide and teach others both realistic and materialistic values.

Gemini vs The Lovers

Gemini is all about choices, the Lovers are depicted as a “dual” card – there are two people and one divine figure residing on the Tarot card. The Lovers indicate upcoming choice that has to be made.

It’s the card of the temptation of the heart vs the mind. It’s the nature of duality that exists in all of us, but most of all in Gemini. This card teaches Gemini about the gravity of choices and deeper thinking.

Cancer vs The Chariot

The Chariot teaches the withdrawn Cancer about the world outside its shell. About courage and bravery of facing things head-on. Cancers are great at persevering and commitment.

By sharing the most precious parts of yourself with the world you stand much to gain. The Chariot awaits and implies of all the adventures and emotional connections that stand beyond your comfort zone.

Leo vs the Strength

The Strength stands for the lesser-known side of Leo – inner endurance and battle against their own pride. Leos are impatient and easily irritated creatures, Strength reminds them that no wars have been won in mere minutes.

Every Leo has a chip on their shoulder that nudges them towards giving up, but every Leo that has endured and persevered knows the gain and value of persisting. 

Virgo vs The Hermit

Virgos exceed on a mental level. The Hermit is proof of that, that’s the card of the spiritual mystic who has achieved enlightenment through solitude. Virgos are introspective, more so than any other sign.

The Hermit’s message to them is that all knowledge loses value if it’s not shared. Virgo possesses all of the answers within, they just need to reach for them and then like the lantern depicted on the card – share the light of knowledge with the rest of the hermetic pupils.

Libra vs the Justice

Fair and just Libra couldn’t be depicted by any other card than Justice. This is the card of the fairest decision possible, it’s the just sword that cuts through a complicated situation.

The Justice cannot be swayed by outer beauty when deciding what is fair and just, which is why Libras are great judges and lawyers – they are the best diplomats who poses the objectivity to deal with judgement.

Scorpio vs the Death

It’s no surprise that Pluto-ruled Scorpios is depicted through the Death card – the card of transformation, passing and spiritual transitions. Death foreshadows an ending, it could be physical death, or spiritual.

Either way for something new to be born, the old has to be released. And no one else deals better with death and release than Scorpio. They transmute emotional pain into experience and wisdom.

Sagittarius vs the Temperance

Sagittarius is a sign of expansion and adventure. In their hedonistic ways, they often forget about moderation and balance. This is where Temperance and its wisdom step in.

This card reminds wise Sagittarius to slow down and measure things wisely. Just because they are so highly intellectual they should not forget about the emotional factor. Emotions are the driving force behind Life.

Capricorn vs the Devil

Capricorn is a sign of success and renown. It’s only natural that they are easily seduced by the promise of riches and respect. The Devil represents physical pleasures and material gain.

The Devil warns Capricorn against falling prey to their own ambition and earthly desires, they should never forget where they come from and what they have come here to do – their Soul, in other words.

Aquarius vs the Star

Due to their intellect and wisdom that comes from the stars, Aquarians easily fall prey to their own detachment and arrogance. They have come here with the visions of the future to inspire and to lead others to a more humane world.

The Star reminds them never to lose hope, what’s more, to share it with others and show them the way through their own example.

Pisces vs the Moon

Pisces is ruled by the master of smoke and mirrors – Neptune. The Moon ominously similar in nature to Neptune reminds Pisces that the reality is not always what it seems.

Fatality isn’t always fatal, and the depravity of joy doesn’t mean that joy is nonexistent. The Moon teacher Pisces to just trust but also to practice caution because their own mind is sure to play tricks on them.

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