Preparing for Baby: 5 Things to Buy Before Baby Arrives

preparing for babyAre you preparing for your baby and their arrival but not sure what to buy? Preparing to become a new parent can be stressful if you don’t know where to start.

On average, a newborn baby will pee every 20 minutes which means you need to be prepared!

But which baby products should you use and how do you choose a diaper bag?

If you feel like you are forgetting something, don’t panic. Do you want to take the stress out of preparing for a baby? Well….I’ve been there as a newbie mom – and am happy to help you as you move forward in this exciting (but also stressful) journey.

5 key steps for preparing for a baby

Check out these five things you should buy before your baby is born.

1. Diapers

You’ll need to stock up on plenty of diapers and consider getting fun and convenient baby nappy backpacks .

A newborn will use around 8-12 diapers per day. If you’re using disposable diapers this could equate to 3,000 diapers per year.

Most new parents will receive diapers at a baby shower or as part of their registry. If you are buying them yourself, you’ll need to start off with 2-3 packs to see you through the first few weeks.

It’s worth bearing in mind that babies come in all different shapes and sizes, so don’t worry too much if your baby doesn’t fit into newborn-sized diapers. Make sure you keep your receipt so you can exchange them for a different size if you need to.

2. Diaper Bags

Navigating the world of diaper bags can be daunting when there are so many options to choose from. Do you prefer a backpack-style or a tote bag? When selecting your perfect diaper bag you should consider the style, function, and durability of the bag.

If you plan on traveling around you’ll need to make sure your diaper bag has space for sunscreen, snacks, and diaper cream. The best tote diaper bag will be comfortable and functional so that you can still look stylish while you change your baby.

3. Cribs and Bassinets

Sleeping arrangements can be tricky once the new baby arrives, so making sure you have somewhere safe and comfortable to put them down is essential. If you are looking into cribs, make sure you assemble and test them before your baby arrives so you have plenty of practice. A bassinet can be a convenient option if you prefer to have the baby next to your bed or close by during those first few weeks.

4. Receiving Blankets

Receiving blankets can be so useful for baby care during the first few weeks. They can be used as a changing mat, a safe place to put your baby down, or as a nursing cover. It is a good idea to have different types available including light and heavyweight materials for different climates.

5. Clothing

New babies will create lots of mess, so you’ll want to prepare at least one week’s worth of newborn onesies for them to wear when they arrive. Consider what the weather will be like when the baby is born. If it is winter, you’ll need long-sleeved and long-legged onesies to keep your little one warm.

Take the Stress Out of Preparing for a Baby

The first thing to do when preparing for a baby is to make sure you have the basics. Once the baby is born you’ll get into the groove of what you use regularly and baby care products that work for you. Your baby won’t need a high chair until they are ready to eat solids so you can focus on the basics in the first few weeks.

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