5 Tips For Designing a Chic And Timeless Patio

chic and timeless patioIf you want tips for designing a chic and timeless patio, read on to make your dream a reality.

Indoor spaces are overrated.

Hear me out.

We’re conventionally invested in getting the place right when we first acquire our properties. I mean nailing the décor, the color palette, and perfecting the furniture trifecta in every room. It’s normal. Although what most of us don’t realize is that, with most of our days spent in these structures, we’re bound to grow bored and tired of them.

Perhaps it’s just us…?

however, after years of routine and mundane experiences in our homes, we find that monotony begins to creep in regardless of the effort and thought put into decorating them. That gorgeous dining table loses its spark after the 20th dinner, and the kitchen cabinetry doesn’t amuse you as much.

Sure, you could refurbish the whole place every couple of years or throw on a fresh coat of paint now and then to keep up; nevertheless, you’re still bound to find the place lacking. So, what now?

5 Tips For Designing a Chic And Timeless Patio

While growing comfortable in our homes is ultimately inevitable, switching things up keeps the spark. Several years down the line, your home might not feel as vogue, but it never really loses its touch when you’ve created a balance. Frankly, most homeowners grow weary of their four walls because their outdoors don’t hold much appeal. However, with a few creative ideas and tasteful patio inspirations, anyone can channel that sophisticated Architectural Digest-worthy patio into their home. Below are five ideas to get you there.

1. Outdoor lounging

Shady lounging spots are a personal favourite for patio scenes. This year, you can get your patio lounging game on with gorgeous reed chairs, comfy love seats, abstract day beds; you’re looking at endless possibilities. The key is working out the look you’re going for and investing in outdoor additions to compliment your vision. Primarily, outdoor lounging furniture makes an unquestionable starting point to lay your foundation; experiment with various textures, materials, and colors to find your match.

Pro tip: I advise going for a versatile choice. You can occasionally switch from a summer vibe to a fuzzy winter feel by adding cosy throw pillows and weighted warm blankets to your patio furniture in Grand Rapids.

2. Open dining

We love an outdoor dinner situation.  Resolve to update your patio space with an open dining setting this season to bring in that wow- factor. Taking a look at dining chairs sale online would add that aesthetic feature.  Perhaps a dinner set-up by the pool or garden? Alternatively, your indoor kitchen can transition into an outdoor dining space or breakfast nook for more fluidity. Whatever you do, ensure you settle for a calm, shaded, and relaxing location to nail this inspiration. You can also add your personal touch to the space with a statement pendant fixture from Vonn lighting; this would be perfect for those after dark hangs.

Pro tip: Designate an area with a view for those special mealtimes with family and friends outdoors. You can have BBQ parties and grill meat using your very own infrared grill.

3. Glamping yurts

Yurts are in, and we can’t stop gushing over them- these stylish tent-like structures bring so much personality to any backyard space they’re introduced to while maintaining great functional range. Ideally, you can utilize yurts as an outdoor living room, a glamping getaway, or a pool house.

These little gems can also play as guest rooms, giving you more room without permanent structures. We also love how they effortlessly blend into any season and space.

Pro tip: If your backyard can accommodate yurt, you should go for it!

4. Work studio

A comfortable workspace is a must-have, with Covid still doing rounds and most of us working from home. For us, outdoor workshops with lots of light and fresh air sounds like a plan. Set up your home office outside in the middle of an endless undisrupted landscape flow to boost your creativity and productivity.

Pro tip: You can also incorporate all your work essentials and some fun features to give you that dream office space. If you’re a coffee person, make sure you don’t miss out on a cute coffee station.

5. Wild water features

Splish splash your way through the backyard! We’re talking cute little puddles, infinity swimming pools, water fountains; you name it. If your space allows, consider throwing in at least one wild water feature, and the best part- you could never go wrong with them. Outdoor water features make the ultimate blend of aesthetics and fun.

Pro tip: While aesthetics are one thing to love about them, we also can’t help but appreciate how versatile water features are. You can opt to complement your garden water fountain with gorgeous lights for that ambient touch or incorporate some turquoise tiles in your pool for show-stopping color contrast.

Bottom Line on Designing a Chic And Timeless Patio

We can all agree on one thing- a tastefully designed patio never goes out of style; if anything, it births a sanctuary that keeps giving. Outdoor spaces are a vibe on their own, the sun, scenery, and fresh air; who could resist that? Adding that personalized touch to your backyard takes the experience up a notch. I don’t know about you, but I’d pass up regular dinner for an outdoor alfresco moment under a thousand stars in my PJs. Such is the beauty of a perfect patio.

Pro tip: While it may sound like a lot, transforming your patio into the ideal outdoor space is rewarding, and the best part, you can always start small. So, rather than get yourself worked up, look up creative and simple patio ideas that you can work around- this sounds like your next DIY project.

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