How to Find Jobs That Can Make It Possible To Travel

Finding Jobs That Can Make It Possible To Travel

If you’re looking for fulfilling career opportunities, you might want to know about how to find jobs that can make it possible to travel.

Being able to see the world as part of your job is a dream that many people share.

It can be hard to find options that enable you to make the most of the time you have when you’re looking at work. But there are a lot of careers that can enable you to travel.

You have to be strategic in your approach to this. But the work you do to achieve your dream will be well worth it in the end.

As you might know, I’m a bestselling author, award winning designer and happiness researcher. I wrote a book called Happy Habits.

In my research, I learned a lot about how to develop positive habits which lead to your best life. 

Consistently studies reported that traveling and enjoying adventures are big time happiness boosters.

In particular, seeing sights which make you feel “awe” are researched to “make you feel awesome.”

With this in mind, I’m writing this article to help you to find a job that can make it possible to travel and see the beauty of the world.

How to Find Jobs That Can Make It Possible To Travel

Coming up below I will be exploring a range of different career options that can make it possible to see the world in all of its glory. 

Business Ownership

Owning a business gives you freedom as no other career can, and this is something that you can use to your advantage when you want to travel with your work. You need to choose the right type of business and work to achieve this goal, but this should be easy when you’re starting out. Some people will choose to do this as a freelancer, using the flexibility of their work to enable them to travel the world without missing a beat. Others will choose to do it as an executive in a larger company, though. Whichever route you choose, you will need to build your business for some time before it will enable you to see the world.

Influencer Work

In the past, the idea of being able to make money through social media would have seemed like a joke. Most people viewed websites like Facebook and Instagram as places for people to catch up and make friends, though there is a lot more to these platforms than simply providing a place for you to be social. Many people across the world have started making their living through social media, with the reach and popularity of many influencers proving to be a valuable resource for businesses. It can take some time to build a large enough following to make money out of this. But you will be able to work across the world once you do. Check out my Instagram Account here – where I have over 106K followers. If you want help to grow your audience, I offer 1-on-1 social media consulting packages.

Travel Representative

jobs with travelTravel companies need employees across the world to be able to do their jobs properly. Many hotels have travel representatives that will work with those on vacation to help them to enjoy their stay. This sort of role is seasonal, but it can provide you with an excellent chance to live and work overseas in chucks throughout each year. This is great for those who want the chance to see as many places as possible in their lives, as you will have opportunities to travel to new places each year without having to spend a fortune in the process. Of course, though, this sort of job isn’t always sustainable.

Nursing & Medicine

The field of medicine has become far global over the last few decades, with doctors from across the world working with one another on increasingly challenging projects. This makes this type of job something that can be done across the world, especially if you look for travel nursing jobs when you first start your career. While a role like this can be more demanding than working as a regular nurse or other medical professionals, it can give you the chance to work in loads of different places. Each of the jobs you get along the way will be temporary, but this isn’t a problem if you don’t mind job hunting.


Good and hard working engineers are in high demand across the world. This field is far less competitive than many people expect, especially if you are able to study at a school that is well-regarded. There are loads of different ways to approach this. Some people choose to get into civil engineering, working to help those in less fortunate communities. Others will choose to look for ambitious commercial engineering projects, getting excitement in their daily working life and enjoying the perks of a well-paid role. Both of these routes can enable you to travel as a big part of your work.

Photography & Film

alone time beneath a treeMuch like engineering, photographers and filmmakers are in demand across the globe. Creative pursuits like this can be perfect for those who like to travel, offering the opportunity to work with people across the globe while still offering standards that everyone will like.

You can work as a freelancer or for agencies and production companies and still have the chance to see the world as a part of your job.

Practice makes perfect with an art like this, and you need to make sure that you have the skills to perform well enough to make a name for yourself if you want to find success with a career behind the camera.

Charity Work

People often overlook charity work when they are thinking about careers overseas. There are a lot of charities that station their employees overseas, though, and this gives you a good chance to do something good while you earn your living. You can pick a charity that reflects your own views and opinions, using your time to work towards a goal that will help others. There are charity roles available for all sorts of skilled professionals, along with those who are willing to work hard and dedicate themselves to something worthwhile.


teachingWorking as an educator can be a very satisfying role to take on. Not only will you be able to work in a field that interests you, but you will also benefit from the opportunity to spend your days with young and enthusiastic people.

Teachers are required across the world, though you will need to be able to speak more than one language if you want to open your options as wide as possible. T

hankfully, though, you can often get away without being fluent in your second language to start on a path like this.

The Challenges Of Working Overseas

While working in a different country can seem like a nice idea, many people don’t consider all of the challenges that can come with this sort of decision. You shouldn’t let these issues stop you from taking a leap like this, but it will always be worth taking the time to look for ways to overcome them for yourself. 

  • Language Barriers: Languages can be a challenging barrier when you want to work in another country. Unless you have a remote role, it will be hard to secure jobs unless you can speak the same language as the people employing you.
  • Homesickness: The relationships you have at home are very important, but it can be hard to maintain friendships when you are in another country. This is particularly difficult when you are trying to keep up with a significant other.
  • Costs: Traveling can cost a fortune when your job doesn’t cover the fees, and this can make it hard to get home when you want to. Having savings in place is a good way to overcome an issue like this.
  • Finding Work: Losing your job or having contracts come to an end can cut your stay short in your new home when working overseas. This is a challenge that can be hard to plan for, but it is worth keeping in mind.

Summary: Finding a Job Where You Can See the World

As you can see, you have a lot of options to consider when you want to work in different countries. Traveling is an excellent part of life. And seeing the world is something that everyone should aim to do. Of course, though, you need to make sure that you keep the downsides of this lifestyle in mind before you dive right in.

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