Amazing Brain Improvements from Writing or Journaling Daily

Amazing Brain Improvements from Writing or Journaling dailyIf you want to improve your clarity of mind, you might want to explore the brain improvements from writing or journaling daily! Read on to learn the perks of being a consistent writer.

Note: This is a guest essay from Laura Fields

You may love to write as a passion. Or you may simply enjoy writing or journaling from time to time. Or you may totally hate writing and want to hire someone to do your writing tasks for you. (Yes, there are places to go for non-writers, like  Ultius.) But whatever your view on writing, you should know that there are numerous benefits from writing or journaling each day. 

Writing or Journaling Daily Decreases Stress Levels

Unfortunately, our adult lives are full of tension, problems, and worries.

If you are having a stressful time, you may find benefits for stress reduction by writing daily.

Many studies recommend keeping a gratitude journal to lower stress. (Looking for a journal with inspiring writer prompts? Try Listen to Your Heart.)

Writing in a journal can help you to make better decisions or figure out how to follow through on your goals. Or you can try writing something down on a list. Basically, writing helps you to gain clearer insights, helpful solutions, and  creative ideas.

So if you’re ever be unsure about how to proceed with your goals or plans, try writing things out of your system. In fact, you’ll also gain self-confidence and inner strength through writing.

Writing Daily Helps Organizational Skills

When you get into the habit of writing daily, you’ll become more organized because you’re learning the habit of making time for writing in your busy day. 

If you are developing yourself in the field of writing, you should put “write 3 pages” on your to-do list for your morning routine.  After scheduling this daily “3 page a day habit” into your routine, you might even want to schedule more positive habits into your day.  (If you want more support to stay organized and productive, explore the book Happy Habits.)

Writing Daily Will Keep You Company

In times when you are mostly sitting home and not socializing much, you may feel the need to connect to someone, to express your feelings, to find advice and support. If you cannot get those things, this may lead to discomfort and even depression.

But there is another option. You write.

By writing out your feelings, you can find relaxation and a sense of comfort.

Writing Daily Revs Up Your Imagination

Who doesn’t want to be more creative? It’s especially fulfilling when we feel that our thoughts and stories are unique. When you write daily, no matter whether it will be an essay, diary, or a story, you will understand more about yourself.

As a result, you will find yourself reaching for both beautiful past memories and new creative ideas. 

You will also understand how to better tell a story and how to walk someone through an imaginary world.

Writing Daily Improves Your Professional Writing Skills

When you are writing every day, you’ll get more and more comfortable with expressing yourself. As the days fly by, you’ll notice that your professional writing gets better. You will get better at writing emails and memos. And you will get stronger at putting forward your thoughts and opinions in writing to clients, colleagues and whomever you work with professionally. 

Writing Daily Helps You Find Peace

Writing is a peaceful experience. You are freeing yourself from heavy feelings – releasing whatever made you angry, upset, sad. You’ll find yourself becoming more focused and peaceful.

Writing Daily Improves Analytical Skills

When you are writing, your analytical skills will get better. You’ll get better at thinking, analyzing and solving problems.

Writing Daily Helps You Speak Better

When you’re writing daily, you become better at communicating in a well-thought manner.

As a result, you’ll get better at persuading people to take your opinions and ideas more to heart. You won’t be as frozen with fear to say what you want to say.  You might even find yourself better public speaking because you’ll feel more confident in your words.

Writing Daily Fixes Writer’s Block

Daily writing will help you combat that nasty enemy – the writer’s block. You will no longer find yourself staring at the keyboard and wondering where to find words from. Usually, writer’s block is caused by fear that your writing won’t be of good quality. But when you are writing every day, you’ll become more confident in your ability to write and thereby find that the words and ideas are coming more freely.


It doesn’t matter whether you are keeping a diary, scribbling down an email, or creating a story. Writing daily will help you to think more clearly, express yourself better, and put your ideas forward.

Author bio: Laura Fields is an expert writer who is dedicated to helping students. She is an owner of the website Bestessayservicesradar and gives honest reviews of various services. Her expertise is in the field of education and learning.

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