20 Inner Peace Quotes and Sayings To Calm Your Mind

20 Quotes For How To Find Peace And Calm Your MindI wrote and designed these 20 inner peace quotes to help as many people as I can to find tranquility during challenging times.

I’m a recovered anxiety sufferer, meditation teacher and research geek on happiness.

I personally understand what it’s like to be struggling with stressful thoughts. It’s tough to make decisions – or deal with what you need to get done.

Thankfully I found a range of relaxation tools which now help me to enjoy more inner peace – even in the midst of tough times. 

I’m on a mission to help as many people as I can to develop the super power of being calm in the midst of chaos.  I hope these inner peace sayings below help you to enjoy a happier day. 

20 Inner Peace Quotes

Scroll through these peaceful quotes. Use your favorite quotation as a mobile wallpaper to help you to find inner peace in a busy day.


Calm Your Mind

Always make sure you optimistic thoughts wildly out number your fears and regrets. – Karen Salmansohn


Calm Your Mind

Feeling stressed? Breathe. You’re just one person. Things will get done when they get done.


How To Find Peace

If someone keeps bringing you down perhaps it’s time to get up and leave. – Karen Salmansohn


Quotes that Will Calm

Be like a tree and let the dead leaves drop. – Rumi

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calm your mind quotes karen salmansohn

Please know that it’s not unusual for life’s most challenging times to be followed by the best years of your life. – Karen Salmansohn


How To Find Inner Peace quote

What do you think about in downtime moments? The people you love? Or the people who hurt you? How far you’ve come? Or how fat you have to go? Awesome stuff you’re psyched about? Or awful stuff you’re worried about? Your downtime thoughts greatly influence your happiness. Use your downtime to lift yourself higher. – Karen Salmansohn


calm your mind quotes

It is time to let go of the people and things which are hurting gyou – even if it hurts you to let go. – Karen Salmansohn

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inner peace quotes

Let go of the thoughts that don’t make you strong. – Karen Salmansohn


How To Find Peace saying

Dorothy never said, “There’s no place like office.” Make sure you enjoy a good work/life/cuddle/chill balance. – Karen Salmansohn


Calm Your Mind quote

Develop the superpower of being calm in tough times. Take 2 minutes to meditate. – Karen Salmansohn, meditation teacher


quote about Inner Peace

The first step to changing your life? Stop telling your story as if it is a sad one, and eventually it will stop being one. – Karen Salmansohn


Find Inner Peace Quote

Social media is training us to compare our lives instead of appreciating everything. No wonder everyone is always depressed. – Bill Murray

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calm your mind quotes

Focus on hurt and regret and you will feel pain. Focus on the lesson and you will grow. – Karen Salmansohn


Inner Peace quote

Often when someone hurts you, they aren’t hurting you because you are you. They are hurting you because they are them. – Karen Salmansohn


Inner Peace saying

Yes an optimist can be wrong – in the same way that a pessimist can be wrong. But the optimist is far happier.


quotation Inner Peace

Kaizen is the belief that small changes over time can create huge changes. Do small improvements daily and tweak your way to a happier life. – Karen Salmansohn


calming quotes to relieve stress

Until you heal your past your, then life patterns will keep repeating. – Karen Salmansohn


calming quotes to relieve stress

It’s time to let old habits go! repeat: I release the need for these old habits in my life. – Karen Salmansohn


calming quotes to relieve stress

Forgive yourself for past mistakes. And forgive yourself for not being able to forgive yourself. Plus forgive yourself for not being able to forgive others. Basically, forgiveness is hard. But you need forgiveness for inner peace. So keep on trying. – Karen Salmansohn


peace success quote

Inner peace is the new success. – Karen Salmansohn

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