Feeling An Inner Emptiness? This Might Be Why.

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If you’re feeling an inner emptiness, you’re not alone. Read on. This might be why.

Note: This is a guess essay by Susan Spira.

I once knew a quiet, fragile, shy girl who cared for everyone and everything. She helped anyone in need, desperately trying to fit in, to feel love and sense belonging.

If you knew her, you’d certainly call her one of the kindest people you had ever met.

She was so unselfishly kind that it was odd that she was also so sad.

She often felt unloved and unworthy.

Yet she was brimming with talent waiting to be unleashed and explored.

She thought kindness and service to others was the key to being loved and having a fulfilled life.

quote good person kind noHer young life passed with many internalized disappointments: she was not the right this or that, or maybe she was just not lovable. She covered it all up and plunged her years into jobs, family, and friends.

And she still felt like a stranger in her body, A nobody. And an outsider. Despite grand outward success in career and marriage.

She had gone all the way.

And she still felt an inner emptiness.

Then, in an adult moment 50 years in the making, she finally figured out the mystery of her emptiness.

She had learned to always be kind to others. But she had never learned the most important lesson in life.

Kindness starts within. Be kind to yourself first.

Her veil of inner darkness lifted.

Her life opened up and she instantly felt ownership of her skin; she instantly felt love and kindness toward herself. Her spirits brightened and her life bloomed in ways she never ever could have realized possible.

A happily ever after was within her reach because she began to feel and act kindly toward herself.

She now knows that the greatest gift of a loving life is kindness toward oneself and others.

She now knows that kindness…

  • goes around, comes around, and makes one feel connected and alive with daily purpose and gratitude.
  • comes from inside out and outside in, penetrating all layers.
  • quote love yourselfis a special look, a hand to hold, a smile or a wink, a special understanding, a connection, and a special gift lacking in expectations of grandeur.
  • connects one at a time for all time.
  • is meant to be passed on and appreciated.

She now lives her life understanding that a life lived with kindness is a life lived with love.

With love and kindness,

Susan, aka “that young girl”

Written and shared with love by Susan Spira.

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