A Beautiful Assignment to Raise Mindful Kids

This beautiful poster you see here was created thanks to Susan Montgomery – a true Kindness Rockstar!

Susan is an inspiring single mom – who’s faced some definite challenges in her life (which she shared privately with me).

Susan has worked hard to overcome her struggles. She volunteers at a small school called Tatanka. It started as baby’s space and they out grew it. Some of the kids come from native projects were born into the program. This is Susan’s son’s first year. This school has allowed him to grow and be happy.

In return Susan is doing art projects – almost daily – with healing and hope as well as helping teachers.

Susan was reading my book INSTANT HAPPY – and decided to create artwork with the kids in this school – inspired from the artwork inside of my book!

She emailed me one of the posters the kids in her school created. You can see it above!

THANK YOU SUSAN!! You rock at kindness!!

If you are using the images inside my INSTANT HAPPY book at your school, please send me a photo! I’d love to see it and share it – via my contact page on my site! You can check out INSTANT HAPPY by clicking this line right now.

Think happier. Think calmer.

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