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How To Emotionally Connect In A Deeper Way

Do you want to build stronger emotional connections with people? Feeling true intimacy and deep understanding with another person can bring you some of life’s happiest times. Learn how to emotionally connect in a deeper, more intimate way.  Note: This […]

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Love, Loss and What I Learned

(Note: This is a guest blog by Jill Plotke) Doesn’t love have many definitions? How I love my mother vs. my friends vs. my niece vs. even my dog! These are all deep loves, all deserving of our attention. But […]

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How I Developed An Unbreakable Heart

Note: This is a guest blog by Lindsay Kriger A funny thing happened after my break up with my ex-boyfriend Josh. Not funny as in “ha ha.” More funny as in “a-ha!” After my break up, I wanted very much […]

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How To Stop Being Angry at Your Ex

In my book Prince Harming Syndrome, I explain how experiencing a bad love relationship (or a series of bad love relationships) can feel a lot like getting an electric shock every time you go for some cheese. After a while you […]

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Should You Break Up… or Make Up?

Originally an article on I’ve often joked that if life existed on other planets, there’s a quick way to assess if the aliens are more advanced life-form. And no, it doesn’t have anything to do with their technology. You […]

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