Rustic Barn Wedding: 7 Stunning Decor Ideas

rustic barn weddingA wedding is supposed to be the best day of your life, so here are 7 stunning decor ideas for a rustic barn wedding. My mission: make sure big day is decorated beautifully and memorably!

Rustic barn weddings are rising in popularity among millennial couples. Many millennials feel that traditional weddings are too formal and stuffy for their taste. Barn weddings offer a laid-back, yet elegant alternative to the traditional ballroom reception.

Rustic venues provide tons of amazing photo opportunities for the new couple. Plus, barns are a blank slate for decorations, so you can customize it for your style and taste.

7 Stunning Decor Ideas for a Rustic Barn Wedding

A rustic barn wedding is a perfect way to blend relaxed vibes with vintage elegance. Keep reading for barn wedding decoration ideas for your upcoming reception.

1. Use Wood Decor

Wood decorations and accents help accentuate the rustic elegance of your barn wedding. It also provides an additional natural element that will tie your entire theme together.

There are tons of ways to incorporate wood into your wedding décor.

You can use natural wood slices as serving platers for desserts or appetizers. Or you can have them professionally engraved with your menu. If you want to keep things budget-friendly, you can also create your own wooden decor. There are a lot of projects you can make from scrap wood — perfect if you have some leftover pieces at home. With a bit of DIY skills, you can create decors such as candle holders, place cards, and wooden signs.

Wooden barrels are another popular option for rustic weddings. You can use them for seating, as accent pieces, or to display your guest book.

You can also use branches and logs to further accent your rustic barn wedding. Cut a long branch in half and drill small holes into to create a gorgeous tea light holder for your tables.

2. Don’t Forget Ceiling Decor

Don’t be afraid to let your love ring through the rafters with gorgeous ceiling décor. High vaulted ceilings are one of the best features that barn wedding venues offer. These tall ceilings give you tons of opportunities to make the venue your own.

You can drape fabric from the rafters to create a more elegant and intimate vibe. This is a great way to make a huge barn feel a bit cozier and inviting.

Rafters and high ceilings also provide the perfect opportunity for lighting. Weave string lights between the rafters. For a more glamorous wedding, hang chandeliers from the rafters.

You can also opt for glass lanterns to complete the rustic look. Or you can choose Edison bulbs for some added vintage flair.

Don’t forget the support beams. You can wrap these in beautiful foliage for an inviting boho look. Or you can cover them with twinkling string lights to add some more ambiance to the room.

3. Add Some Foliage

Your wedding decor wouldn’t be complete without adding some flowers and foliage into the mix.

Baby’s breath is an inexpensive favorite for shabby chic weddings. Gather a few bunches in a mason jar and you have an instant table topper. Add a single rose in your wedding color to each jar for a more elegant arrangement.

Sunflowers are another popular option for rustic brides. These bright yellow flowers are a great way to add a pop of color to your wedding decor. Sunflowers are also considered good luck, so that’s a wonderful flower for your reception.

Long strands of lush greenery are a popular choice for boho weddings. Ivy, eucalyptus, and wisteria are great choices for adding gorgeous greenery to your wedding.

4. Incorporate Fabric Into Your Decor

Well-placed fabric can transform your barn venue completely. If your venue is very large, hang beautiful white curtains to break up space. You can also drape fabric from the ceiling to make your barn venue feel more intimate.

Burlap is a popular choice for rustic table runners and chair bows. Lace is another great choice for capturing a shabby chic, vintage vibe.

Choosing the right table linens is another way to elevate a barn wedding. Formal linens like table cloths and napkins add elegance to your rustic wedding.

5. Add Some Vintage Accents

Vintage decor is a great way to dress up a barn wedding. Rent vintage furniture and create an elegant seating area. Or opt for vintage-inspired decor like doilies or picture frames to tie your theme together.

Find small ways to personalize your wedding with vintage decor. You can use vintage suitcases for collecting wedding cards. Or you can create a family photo wall filled with vintage frames.

Vintage-inspired glassware is another great way to make your reception feel more elegant. Or use vintage serving pieces to add some sophistication to your barn wedding.

6. Creative Signage

A rustic barn wedding wouldn’t be complete without some clever signage. Signage gives you and your betrothed plenty of opportunities to personalize your venue with your favorite quotes or funny messages.

You can check out some custom wedding decorations that can add a unique touch to your rustic barn wedding. From personalized signs to engraved decor, these custom pieces can enhance the charm and personalization of your special day.

Chalkboards are a decor staple for rustic weddings. Thrifted mirrors embellished with dry-erase markers are another great option for creative signs. You can also use fun picture frames for table numbers or the menu.

7. Keep Comfort in Mind

Barn weddings are a great venue, but their exposure to the outdoors can make them a little uncomfortable. If you expect your wedding to get chilly, invest in heat lamps, and plan to have a bonfire. Blankets are another great way to keep your guests comfy and cozy, they also add more to the rustic vibe.

If your wedding is held in the summer, make sure you have plans to keep your guests cool. Fans are a great way to keep your barn wedding from being too sweaty. You can also give personal fans and misters as favors so your guests don’t get too warm.

You should also make sure you have plenty of sunscreen and bug spray available for your guests. Citronella candles are another great way to keep the bugs at bay during your barn wedding.

Have the Perfect Rustic Barn Wedding

Barn weddings are an elegant, laid-back location to tie the knot. These venues offer couples tons of versatility when it comes to decorations. Will your wedding be a boho barnyard affair? Or maybe a homey, rustic reception is more your speed.

No matter what theme you choose, you want your decorations to be stunning. Your wedding photos will commemorate your love…and decor forever.  Make sure your rustic barn wedding is perfect by choosing the perfect decorations to match your Avery Austin rustic-styled wedding dress.

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