10 Small Ways to Give Yourself a Lift Through What You Wear

ways to give yourself a lift through what you wearDressing well means finding ways to give yourself a lift through what you wear, so you feel fashionable and like your best self.

It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture of self-love or a complete fashion makeover. In fact, there are subtle, delightful ways that you, right now, can express yourself through what you wear and give your mood a fantastic little boost.

In this blog, we’re going to take an in-depth look into everything you can do to give yourself a lift through what you wear (without breaking the bank).

I’m sharing this article for a few reasons. Not only am I a woman who loves fashionable clothes, I am a bestselling author and happiness researcher. And I wrote a book called Happy Habits.

In my research, I learned about how important it is to your happiness to live a life true to who you are at your core. This means dressing for who you are – in clothes that make you feel comfortable – and give you a lift.

With this in mind I put together this quick guide with ways to give yourself a lift through what you wear.

10 Ways to Give Yourself a Lift Through What You Wear

Let’s dive right in. 

1. Wake up your senses with bold colors

Got a favorite color? Fantastic! Don’t have one? Don’t fret. Pay attention to colors that make you feel great. Avoid going all matchy-matchy – mixing it up can be twice as fun!

2. Get comfily chic

Well-fitted, comfortable clothing can make you feel like you’re floating on clouds. Is there anything better than that combo of looking good and feeling heavenly as well? If you want to look and feel your best the entire day, then go ahead and wear clothes that you know you look amazing in. 

3. Power dressing

What do you need to slay the day? A power suit that fits you like a glove? A pair of red high heels? Find your power outfit, wear it, and then go ahead to conquer the world. 

4. Jazz it up with accessories

A sassy pair of earrings or a funky hat can bring a grin to your face each time you catch sight of your reflection. Ramp it up or tone it down to fit the occasion or your mood.

5. Step out in your best shoes

Ways to Give Yourself a Lift Through What You WearShoes aren’t just things you wear to protect your feet. They’re mood boosters – or deflators – in disguise. Go for the pair that make you want to strut your stuff, not the ones trapping your feet in the jail they call “uncomfortable.”

6. Donning the ‘Do’ 

Ever wondered how something as simple as a hairstyle can literally transform the way you carry yourself? Well, keep that curiosity alive and play with your hair. Learn a few new ways of styling those locks, and step out with a fresh look.

7. Jewelry Tells Your Tale

Embrace the power of personal ornaments. Jewelry is more than just metal and gemstones. It’s a dazzling expression of your individuality. Choose pieces that you absolutely love, like a locket with a photo of your pet or colored pearl jewelry that completely elevates your entire style. 

The heart-shaped pendant your grandmother gave you when you were a child or the alternative jewelry you found at the flea market, do they speak to you? Awesome! Each time you wear them, they’ll whisper sweet nostalgia and self-affirmations to you all day. 

Plus, accessorizing with personalized jewelry, such as name earrings from Jewlr, can add a touch of individuality and confidence to your outfit.

8. Sport your favorite pop-culture merchandise

Nothing screams ‘YOU’ louder than expressing your fandom, be it Marvel, Harry Potter, or anything else. It’s a fantastic conversation starter and offers an easy way to flick ’em good vibes.

9. Get literal with graphic tees

Do you have a motivational quote that fires you up? Have it splashed on a t-shirt! Tee graphics can be a more free-spirited, fun, or even rebellious way to profess your beliefs.

10. Embrace patterns and prints

woman stop wearing other people's opinionsPatterns and prints are like putting a cherry on top. They have the potential to dramatically spruce up your outfit.

From the classic polka dots or stripes to more daring animal or floral prints, these tiny design elements can be a key component of your style.

Try adding a plaid scarf or a tropical print shirt to your outfit. 

Not only can prints and patterns bring a fresh wave of excitement to your wardrobe, but they can also stir fun conversations.

That’s the beauty of prints – they can be a reflection of your personality, mood, and creativity. So why not try some variance and let the patterns do the talking?


Ultimately, remember this – you have the power to define how the world perceives you. But, even better is the innate power you have to shape how you perceive yourself. So find those clothes and accessories that scream “This is me!” and just rock your vibe.

Small changes in what we wear may seem insignificant, but they hold a potential punch of positivity. Try out these small ways to give yourself a lift through what you wear, and see how it amplifies your day!

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