8 Tips for Building a Brand That Lasts (Enjoy Lasting Success)

8 Tips for Building a Brand That Lasts (With Lasting Success)Explore 8 expert tips for building a brand that lasts. Dive into strategies that ensure brand longevity and success.

Building a brand today feels a bit like sculpting a sandcastle just as the tide comes in. The moment you think you’ve nailed it? Boom, a wave of change sweeps in… and makes you rethink your masterpiece.

As a result, many people these days are struggling to figure out how to create a brand that lasts in today’s ever changing marketplace.

So I thought I’d share some helpful tips for building a brand that not only survives – but thrives – for many decades to come.

I am sharing these tips from personal experience. I’ve built a brand that has been successful for over 30 years! In fact, my brand has not only withstood the test of time. I started to see my most profitable days when I hit my 60’s.

My Story of Building a Lasting Brand 

I was born in 1960. Translation? I kicked off my career when fax machines were all the rage and mobile phones were…well, not so mobile. My stomping grounds? Top New York agencies like J. Walter Thompson and McCann Erickson.

After nabbing a few CLIOs in my early 20’s, I climbed the corporate ladder very speedily, finding myself as a Senior Vice President and Creative Director before my 30s even blinked.

Then I did something audacious. I traded my ad agency desk to pursue being an entrepreneur. Yep, I quit my high paying ad career to pursuing writing books and creating an author platform.

People were surprised. Some doubted. But I had a vision. Fast forward, and now I’m the founder of NotSalmon.com, a top personal development website with a varied catalogue of bestselling books and online courses.

In fact, altogether I’ve sold over 2 million books and courses, grown a loyal following of 1.5 million on social media, and built an engaged email list of 90,000 strong. And as mentioned earlier, my business started especially booming after I turned 60.

Right now you might be wondering: “Karen, how on earth did you build a brand that lasts… when I can’t even keep my houseplants alive for more than a month?”

It’s a story of persistence, adaptability, and never forgetting my core essence even when the world around me was in flux.

Let’s dive deep into the world of how to build a lasting brand.

8 Tips for Building a Brand That Lasts

Below are my top tips for building a lasting brand in a constantly changing world.

1. Authenticity: Not Just for Vintage Wine

Brands and wine have one thing in common: they get better with age when they’re authentic. Every book, every post, every piece of the NotSalmon universe oozes a bit of me. In a world saturated with brands, being you is a revolutionary act. And trust me, it’s the secret sauce for building a brand that lasts.

Example: Think Apple. They’ve always championed innovation and design. Even with new product launches, that core principle remains untouched. That’s genuine branding.

2. Experience: That Thing You Can’t Buy on Amazon

Remember that advertising job I ditched? It turned out to be gold – the wisdom-laden kind. Each decade, each challenge, every laugh line on my face—it’s all woven into the brand. If you’ve got years under your belt, flaunt them. They’re your brand’s superpower.

Business Step: Audit your past roles and extract key learnings. Use them to bolster your brand’s expertise and unique offerings.

3. Evolve Without Losing Your Essence

The world’s changed a bit since I started. We’ve welcomed the internet, emojis, and whatever the heck TikTok dances are. Adapt? Yes. But in the rush to keep up, never lose sight of your brand’s soul. Building a brand that lasts means walking the tightrope between change and core values.

Example: Coca-Cola. They’ve introduced various flavors over the years, but the core brand and its message of shared moments remain.

4. Real Connections: Not the Wi-Fi Kind

Your brand isn’t shouting into the void. There are real, living people on the other end, each with dreams, fears, and terrible coffee habits. Talk to them, understand them. Building a lasting brand is less about selling and more about soulful connections.

Example: Send personalized thank-you notes to repeat customers or seek feedback to improve. It’s about forging genuine bonds over mere transactions.

5. Consistency: The Brand’s Trusty Compass

Turns out, showing up, rain or shine, year after year, has its perks. If you want a brand that endures, be like that reliable friend who’s always there with a cup of tea and slightly stale biscuits.

Example: Nike’s “Just Do It” isn’t just a slogan; it’s an ethos consistently echoed across their campaigns, products, and community outreach.

6. Refresh, Don’t Reinvent

Every so often, give your brand a spa day—a fresh look, a new perspective. But remember, it’s a spa day, not plastic surgery. Stay recognizable.

Example: Host brainstorming sessions to identify areas of improvement. Maybe it’s a website revamp or a new logo, but always loop it back to your brand’s core.

7. Celebrate! But Not Just with Cake

Milestones? Heck yes, celebrate them. Every big and small achievement is a testament to your brand’s journey and the incredible community around it.

Example: Host an annual event or sale marking your brand’s anniversary. Celebrate with your community, acknowledging their role in your journey.

8. Learning: It’s Cooler After 40

Life threw lemons, and instead of lemonade, I chose to learn. Keep that curiosity alive. The world’s changing, and so should your knowledge bank.

Example: Microsoft, once purely a software giant, embraced cloud computing, AI, and more, showcasing adaptability and foresight.

Recap: Building a Brand That Lasts

If you’re looking to sculpt a resilient brand that can withstand the changing tides, why go it alone? With three decades of brand-building knowledge and experience, I can help you to create a brand that not only endures… but dazzles. Sign up for a free exploratory call here. 


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