6 Ways A Divorce Lawyer Can Help You Win The Case

Ways A Divorce Lawyer Can Help You Win The Case

If you want to win your divorce case, here’s how a divorce lawyer can help make sure that happens!

Going through a divorce can be an emotionally challenging and legally complex process.

Whether you are facing issues related to your child’s custody, property division, or spousal support, having the guidance and support of a skilled divorce lawyer is essential. 

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So I’m here today to help demystify the stressful divorce process and explain the ways a divorce lawyer can help you win the case!

6 Ways A Divorce Lawyer Can Help You Win The Case

First things first… If you find yourself in a divorce battle in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, you are fortunate to have access to a vibrant legal community renowned for its excellent legal services.

Having a professional Myrtle Beach divorce lawyer by your side will boost your chances of achieving a favorable outcome. They can help you win a fair divorce settlement. 

Here is a look at how.

1. Establishing a Strong Defense

In case of a highly contested divorce, you will need a strong defense against everything the other side could try to attack you with. When parties choose to contest a divorce, they usually have something they believe will turn the case in their favor.

Therefore, prepare by hiring an experienced divorce attorney to conduct research, gather evidence and build a solid defense against any allegations they could make against you.

With enough preparation, a good lawyer can defend even against the most outlandish claims and challenge the credibility of the opposition’s sources, leading the judge to take your side.

2. Establishing an attack plan

Knowing when to attack rather than defend is essential in all court cases. Based on the separation documents submitted to the court at the start of the case, the court will be aware of your relationship and the cause of the separation, including infidelity, substance abuse, violent tendencies, etc., on the part of the other spouse.

A good lawyer can use this information to attack rather than play defense against allegations the opposition raises. Providing evidence that your spouse was indeed unfaithful and violent will strengthen your case and increase the chances of a favorable ruling, especially concerning child custody and alimony.

3. Building a believable narrative

In divorce cases, a judge will listen to points from both sides and rule in favor of the spouse whose story they believe. A good divorce lawyer can ensure that your story is more compelling and believable than your spouse’s, regardless of whether they choose the defensive or attacking approach.

They will work to collect evidence and put together a credible case presentation to show that you have indeed suffered unfairly. It’s all part of establishing an emotional link with the jury/judge so they can see that you are the victim and increase the chances of a favorable ruling.

4. Helping you control your anger

A contentious divorce involves a lot of anger and resentment from both sides. When parties are guided by their feelings, they seek instant satisfaction rather than contemplating the best outcome for all involved individuals.

A good lawyer will provide a positive space to work from, ensuring you take a secure and relaxed approach to the matter. Your lawyer will ensure you remain respectful towards your ex-partner even as you try to find agreeable solutions or sway the court’s decisions. Remaining respectful while drafting the divorce settlement can lead to agreements, eliminating the need to go to court.

5. Rehabilitating your image

Retaining legal representation in your divorce is even more critical if you are the spouse with mistakes and downfalls. Since South Carolina adheres to both a fault-based and no-fault divorce model, the opposition may try to use your weaknesses, whether substance abuse, violent tendencies, infidelity, or mental health issues, to influence the case.

A good lawyer will try to show that these behaviors are in your past and you are working towards being a better person. For example, they will recommend that you attend recovery or therapy programs and use that to argue for a fair divorce settlement, including parental rights.

6. Negotiating the divorce agreement

Not all divorce cases need to go to court. Divorce trials can be long and expensive, leaving parties stressed and with less property and assets. Most divorce lawyers try negotiations first and only consider court as a last resort. Negotiations are beneficial, especially if you have shortcomings that will besmirch your image in court.

Your lawyer can approach the opposition and make a tempting offer, prompting them to agree to the divorce terms without going to court, even if it means asking you to compromise on some issues. Successful negotiations will save you from a long, stressful, and expensive trial.

Wrap-up on Divorce Lawyer Winning Cases

Divorces can be amicable or contentious, depending on the feelings between spouses. Either way, an experienced divorce attorney can help. They will provide support and guidance throughout the process, helping you get a fair settlement through negotiations or a court trial.

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