Am I Addicted? 5 Top Signs That You Might Be Addicted

AM I ADDICTEDAre you trying to figure out the answer to, “Am I addicted?” Read this article to learn more about the top signs you might be addicted.

Did you know that 10% of adults in the United States have struggled with drug abuse in their lives?

I’m the author of a book on habit building and habit breaking ( “Happy Habits”). And so I’m well aware that there comes a time when your habits become your way of life. And the next thing you know, you don’t want to stop.

Have you been asking yourself the question: “Am I addicted to drugs or alcohol?”

Continue reading to discover the most common signs of addiction to determine if you or someone you love needs help!

1. Your Mind Is Flooded

If you are wondering if you are an addict, one of the best ways to determine this is by paying attention to where your mind wanders.

When your mind is filled with thoughts of your vice, whether it be food, drugs, alcohol, you may be addicted.

Many people that struggle with addiction worry about when they will run out and when they can get more.

You should check out https://www.americasrehabcampuses.com/substance-abuse/alcohol-addiction-hotline/-understanding-of-addiction/ if you think that you have an addiction problem.

You can also check out doing meditation – to help you better control overwhelming thoughts.

2. Your Priorities Aren’t Right

Want to know one of the biggest signs that will answer your question: “Am I addicted?”

You start to notice that drugs or alcohol (or whatever your “maybe-addiction” might be) is the most important thing in your life.

Whatever you are addicted to can wind up consuming your life and leave you missing out on family events, work opportunities, and more.

Take the time to look at your life – and the things that you think are most important.

Consider how much time each week you spend on activities. If a large chunk of time goes toward your vice, you may be addicted.

3. Anxiety Arises

There are many reasons a person may experience anxiety, but drug addiction is one of the most powerful causes.

Constantly worrying about your addiction or when you will be able to do it next can get in the way of life and disrupt your daily routines.

Some of the most common symptoms of anxiety to watch out for are insomnia, agitation, and difficulty concentrating. Feeling fatigued and tense can also be experienced.

If you need support with anxiety, check out my Anxiety Cure Video Course.

4. Failed Relationships

People that deal with substance abuse problems often have difficulty with relationships in their life.

If you feel that you or someone you love has distanced themselves from family and friends, then help is likely needed.

It is common for the person with an addiction to feeling ashamed or want to hide their behaviors from others so that they don’t see how bad the problem is.

If you feel you’re experiencing a pattern of toxic relationships, check out my video course about reducing conflict in relationships.

5. Unable to Maintain Jobs

Have you been jumping around from job to job, just waiting to spend your paycheck money on drugs, food, or alcohol?

Not being able to maintain a steady job is a sign that you may be addicted to something.

Missing work because of not feeling well can have a negative impact and you can lose your job because your addiction is controlling your life.

Take time to evaluate your work history and the future so that you can get on the right path!

Am I Addicted or Is This Something Else?

It’s time to stop asking the question, am I addicted (to fill in the blank)?

Instead it’s time to do something about your habits – and look inward as to what created your addictions in the first place.

=> Here’s an article about why people create self-sabotaging habits in the first place. <=

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