5 Secrets to Get a Job in a Competitive Market

5 Secrets to Get a Job in a Competitive Market

If you’re struggling financially, here are some tips and secrets to get a job even in a competitive market.

The competition in the labor market is higher than before. Especially nowadays, after two years of a global pandemic. The number of graduates who are looking for a job is constantly rising. However, the market may fail to offer them the opportunities they are looking for. Other businesses and companies want to hire candidates with years of experience.

But at the same time, no company offers you the opportunity to work and gain the experience they are looking for. And thus, the competition is becoming more and more fierce. Getting a job might be one of the challenges you need to overcome.

I know what it’s like to want to look for a job that brings more money and fulfillment. I used to work in a New York advertising agency before I quit my Senior VP gig in my twenties to become a bestselling author.

I’m now committed to helping people to live their happiest, most fulfilling lives – doing work that they love. So I put together this article on helpful tips and secrets to get a job even in a competitive market.

5 Secrets to Get a Job in a Competitive Market

You can find the right job for yourself and your experience. You can get the job you apply for. But you will need to explore putting these five secrets to get a job into practice. 

1. Voluntary Experience 

One of the best secrets of getting a job:  Start working on your resume while you are still getting an education. Many students think about getting a job and applying to open positions only after they graduate. But during college, you could gain some experience you will need in your future career. For example, engaging in voluntary activities and work.

You can volunteer at the college NGO or find other opportunities that suit you best. Even though many students say or believe that you cannot gain any experience after this type of activity, they are wrong. You can develop your soft skills tremendously.

You learn to communicate efficiently, organize your time and projects, and also lead a team. These are some of the skills employers are looking after, so start working on developing them when you are in college. 

2. Craft Your Resume 

One of the biggest mistakes applicants make is to have a universal resume. Indeed, it is easier to list all your experience, skills, and hobbies in a single resume and then apply to all kinds of jobs. A secret that will help you stand out from the crowd in a competitive market is to adapt your resume.

Employers are looking to find out more about your experience related to the job you apply to. You can get the help of the professional CV writing service UK CareersBooster to help you craft a powerful resume. 

3. Online Profiles 

Many online platforms want to help people find a job and companies to find the employees they are looking for. The most popular one is LinkedIn, where you can find thousands of jobs in your area. It is also the main platform used by recruiters to find the perfect candidates for opportunities within their companies. So, make sure you sign up for a Linkedin account.

List there all your experience, skills, interests, hobbies, certifications. Recruiters are constantly searching for candidates and they may land on your profile. It is crucial to keep it updated and share relevant information about yourself.  

4. Developing New Skills 

Companies are looking for skilled individuals. And the market is very competitive nowadays. Therefore, it is important to always develop your skills. You can learn some new ones, but you could also work on improving the ones you already have.

So, you may wonder which are the most sought-after skills. The ones that are more marketable than others and that could also help you land your dream job. Networking and communication are some important skills needed in the workplace. Communication should be excellent both spoken and written. You also need an increased ability to adapt to a changing environment.

You need to be able to work in a team or even lead one. They are also looking for conflict resolution or management skills. To sum up, they are looking for skilled candidates that can adapt easily, know how to communicate efficiently, and be able to work in a team. 

5. Interview Preparation 

Being invited to an interview by a company is the first step of the recruitment process. If they liked your profile, resume, or portfolio, they will most likely invite you to an interview to get to know you better. Even though you may not know when your next interview is yet, you can start preparing for it. Read more about the company you apply to. Find out their mission, vision, goals, services, and so on.

You can also practice or think about interview questions and your answers to them. You may find it odd to prepare for an interview when you still do not have one to go to, but this means that you are doing it ahead of time.

Because when you will actually schedule an interview, you will be self-confident and sure of your skills and answers. Which will surely help you perform excellently and impress the recruiters. Preparation is key and if you do it ahead of time, you will improve your performance tremendously. 

Conclusion on Secrets to Get a Job

The labor market is in a very competitive phase. Unemployment rates are quite high and many candidates are hoping to land their dream job. However, because there are so many people out there looking for a job, the competition in some domains is quite high. So, how could you make yourself stand out from the crowd? How can you catch the attention of the recruiter and convince them, through your resume, to schedule an interview? 

Well, you can easily do all these by putting these five secrets into practice. You should start gaining experience from your college years. You can start voluntary work and develop your skills and expand your knowledge. Then, you need to adapt your resume to the job you apply to and list the relevant experience.

Moreover, you can sign up for a Linkedin account and present all your experience and skills. You can add your portfolio too. Start working on developing your skills and take up courses, read self-development books, and engage in activities that add more value. Last but not least, start preparing for an interview ahead of time so that you will convince the company that you are the right candidate. 

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