4 Common Methods for Adding Living Room Storage

Common Methods for Adding Living Room StorageThere are many different creative methods to creating storage areas for your living room to help overcome the problems inherent to a small space.

One of the biggest struggles shared by new and experienced homeowners is what to do when you run out of room. Moving isn’t always a practical option, but neither is getting rid of the things you love.

Luckily, creative solutions can save your stuff.

As you might know, I wrote a bestselling book called Happy Habits.

Inside my book I share a range of habits which boost happiness. A few of these habits included making sure your home feels organized, clean, cozy and comfy.

In fact, consistently studies recommended making your sure your home is a peaceful sanctuary – by getting rid of clutter and making sure you don’t have piles of mess all over the place.

4 Common Methods for Adding Living Room Storage

With this in mind, here are some common methods for adding living room storage to your home.

1. Hidden Drawers

Many different types of furniture come with drawers, both hidden and exposed. This versatility makes them the ideal pieces for smaller living spaces. Secret drawers are an excellent option for rooms with a modern design theme. Coffee tables with pull-out drawers and storage benches converted to seating are great alternative solutions.

You can also find good console tables with storage like this one. Their non-intrusive nature allows them to remain out of the way, yet they still allow effortless movement around the room. They make for small-space bar carts because of their narrow dimensions and ample storage space.

2. Hollow Decor Storage

Similar to hidden drawers, hollow décor storage is another popular option. Accessing this empty furniture space usually involves lifting the top entirely off of the object, but it can also feature a hinge or spring. Hollow furniture and hidden drawers are both excellent at freeing up additional closet real estate. You can add an ottoman with blankets for your newly converted home theater or provide a place for sheets in an end table for the sleeper sofa.

3. Hanging Hooks

Many larger homes come with dedicated closets for people to hang their jackets and hats, but smaller spaces may not have that luxury. In that case, hooks along the walls or on the backs of doorways will help deal with the coat conundrum. Hooks also allow for oversized items such as bicycles, cooking pans, and instruments to serve as decorations when not in use, creating some rather unexpected but common methods for adding living room storage.

4. Shelves and Baskets

You can put up small storage baskets along the walls to go with shelves. Both are excellent for creating extra “hidden” storage space and come in a near-infinite array of colors, materials, and patterns. Along with hiding some of the clutter of everyday life, they also provide a pleasant distraction for the eyes.

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