5 Side Hustles To Earn Extra Money

5 Side Hustles To Earn Extra MoneyIf you are looking for ways to maximize your income outside of work, check out these 5 side hustles to earn extra money. Make extra cash. Here’s how.

Making a little more moola is more straightforward than you think.

Yes, money doesn’t grow on trees. But… there are ways to grow your income with a side hustle.

I know this personally, because I juggle a few ways to make money. Some of these income generating areas (I recommend below) I’m a leading expert on – and offer 1-on-1 consulting via Zoom – here !. Plus I also share money making ideas (below) – that I’m not an expert on – but which also make extra income.

5 Side Hustles To Earn Extra Money

The good news: If you have a few extra hours each week to commit to making money outside of your current job, here are five hustles that can maximize your earnings.

1. Invest In Property

For those with savings and looking to maximize them, the safest investment is property. Property is always growing and becoming more valuable. Whether it is your own property you want to invest money in to increase its value or invest in other properties to rent to customers, these are both prime home investments

2. Start A Business

It is easier than ever to start your own business from the comfort of your own home. I know – because it’s what I do!

With the help of social media and a committed attitude, you too could start your own small business to make a side income. It could be a product or a service that you can focus on outside of work hours. For example, you can grow your income by coaching. Or you could create a side hustle such as making candles or using your masseuse certification to have an at-home spa. If you have spare hours and a passion, why not make it into an income? There are many benefits of remote work, and extra income is one of them.

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3. Teach Online

There are numerous teaching classes you can offer to online students. I know – because I produce a range of video courses.

So consider taking whatever you specialize in, and use it to your advantage in an online video course business.

For example, if you want to teach children in Asia how to speak English, check this article, then complete a qualification and be able to teach online after work or at the weekends.  Teaching online is flexible, diverse, and a great way to earn extra money.

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3. Start A Blog

For all of the writers among us, use your passion and skills to start your own blog. I also know about this topic – because you’re reading this article on my blog!

Take some time to consider what you are passionate about: travel, health, business, etc… Well, you can start writing your very own blog – on this particular area of passion – with your own content to share with readers.

To earn money with your blog you can:

  • Use affiliate marketing
  • Advertise products via ad banners
  • Write sponsored content
  • Allow guest posts

A blog is something you can set up completely easily – and for the most part – with not too much money. As your site grows, you can invest more money into it – when you start making an income from it.

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4. Dog Walker

Having spare hours at the weekend can be used wisely by offering dog walking services. If you often go out on long walks for weekend exercise or in the evenings after work, why not earn a little bit of extra cash from it. Dog walking is a great way to earn money from local dog owners. Once you have established a reliable customer base, who knows how much profit it could make you.

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