What is Your Third Eye and What Can It Do for Your Mental Health

What is Your Third Eye and What Can It Do for Your Mental HealthLearn more about what your third eye is and how you can channel it for better mental health. Read on…

You may be thinking that you only have two eyes to see the world. 

Well, many people believe that you also have a third “eye.”

And it is considered to be a powerful source of knowledge.

This third eye is also known as the “Ajna chakra.”

It’s located in the middle of your forehead, between your eyes, and is directly connected to an important endocrine gland.

Everyone has an Ajna chakra. But not everyone uses it!

This results in a closed third eye.

What if you were told that you can open your third eye?

The simplest way to awaken and gain access to your third eye is through meditation.

Meditation helps in channeling your energy and improving your concentration. Plus there are forms of meditation that are specifically tailored to activate your Ajna chakra.   

As you might know, I studied to be a meditation teacher. I’m also a bestselling author of a meditation guide called Instant Calm. Plus I founded the popular video course called The Anxiety Cure.

I love sharing information to help people to live at their highest levels. In this particular article I’ll be sharing more about what your third eye is – and how to access it for your best mental health.

What is Your Third Eye – and Is Yours Open?

You may be wondering how you would know if your third eye has opened and activated.

Once your Ajna chakra is open, you will feel various symptoms: mentally, physically, or spiritually.

What is Your Third Eye and What Can It Do for Your Mental HealthWhat is Your Third Eye and What Can It Do for Your Mental HealthMentally, when your third eye chakra is activated and working to its full potential, you may become a better leader.  You’ll make more sound decisions. You may also be able to stay calm even when under pressure.

Even solving complex problems becomes possible by being able to utilize both the right brain (imagination) and left brain (intellect) in harmony.

And, finally, you may become more self-reflective and self-aware.

You’ll be able to see the bigger picture in any situation. 

What Can Your Third Eye Do for Your Mental Health?

So now you’re aware of the existence of your Ajna chakra! And I’ve share a little bit about how powerful it can be once it’s honed. Now that you understand the many benefits of an “active third eye,” you probably want to know a bit more about how to best activate your third eye.

But first… I also wanted to share a bit about a few third eye opening cons you should be aware of!

These dangers of opening your third eye can only happen if you don’t manage and take full control of your third eye properly. As such they can be easily avoided. 

Below are a few ways that your third eye may affect your mental health.

It is up to you to work these new abilities to your advantage. It’s your third eye. And you’re the only one who can have full control over it.

What is Your Third Eye intuition quote1. Higher Intuition

Activating your third eye is like discovering another layer of reality you didn’t know was there.

The third eye chakra may help you access a higher level of understanding.

Your spirit essentially is capable of knowing everything. The connection between the conscious mind and your spirit may be bridged by an awakened third eye.

You may begin to see how all things are a part of a universal consciousness. You’ll notice how everything is all connected and feel a higher level of understanding.

Your intuition will reveal to you why certain events happened in your life.

You’ll become more aware of how you became exactly the person you are today.

Those who live intuitively reported an increased understanding of self. It’s no surprise that you can trust your own decisions when you achieve a higher level of intuition. You’re also generally calmer and happier than those who don’t enjoy improved intuition or don’t utilize their intuition at all. The lower stress levels improve your overall mental health.

quote live fear purpose love wounds2. Higher Consciousness

As meditation becomes part of your daily life, it will soon shift your consciousness to a higher level. You will feel more free from stress, worry, and anxiety. Instead of stressing over your financial problems, studies, or work, you can shift your focus on becoming a better and more successful person to get over any situation. 

You’ll also have a clearer picture of your life’s true purpose.

Eventually, all your life’s petty problems will feel more conquerable. Instead of fretting over little things, you’ll focus on becoming a better version of yourself. You’ll feel prepared to achieve anything you want in life.

3. Boundless Levels of Creativity

quote worryingPeople with active third eye chakras generally have a great imagination and can visualize very clearly. That’s because an individual’s thoughts are manifested on the astral plane. And the third eye can see into the astral realm.

When the conscious mind is more in tune with the astral, it also becomes more in tune with reality’s endless possibilities.

Connecting with the creation’s source activates the imagination.

The good thing about flowing creative energies is that they can be powerful means to improve your mental health. Coloring, embroidery, painting, drawing, writing, or any form of creating art allows you to meditate, express inner thoughts, and disconnect from stress. Scientists have studied art therapy’s positive effects on mental health in recent years. So far, the results have been promising.

third eye spiritual thinking quote4. Increase in Self-Confidence

Once you get used to your third eye and using all its side effects to your benefit, you will feel deeply empowered. This empowerment is a sure way to increase your self-confidence.

However, it is worth noting that your third eye will only serve as a guide.

It’s still important to think carefully about your decisions. 

Instead of being the anxious and confused person you used to be before using your third eye, now you have that wisdom within to help you choose the best path for your future. You’ll trust yourself more in making better decisions.

sleep healthy habit5. Better Sleep

Ajna chakra may significantly influence sleep patterns and quality.

It makes sense because it’s associated with your brain and, more importantly, your pineal gland. The pineal gland is the endocrine organ responsible for producing melatonin, a hormone that helps maintain your circadian rhythm. 

As you might know, sleep and mental health are closely connected.

Lack of sleep affects the consolidation of positive emotional information. It can influence emotional reactivity and mood and is also tied to common mental health problems and their severity. Improved sleep may help manage mental health conditions such as bipolar disorder, anxiety and depression, and even minimize the risk of suicidal behaviors or ideas.

Learn How To Channel Your Ajna Chakra

It’s understandable how experiencing the signs of an open third eye can be daunting and confusing at first, especially if you don’t know how to control them.

Fortunately, through meditation and a healthy lifestyle, you can create a deeper connection with your spiritual self and broaden your understanding about taking over your sixth sense.

Moreover, your third eye will serve as your lifetime guide in every path you take in the future.

With that said, your third eye is a blessing you must celebrate and embrace, not repress. 

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