What Does it Take to Feel Content?

what does it take to be contentIf you’re feeling a bit blue, and wondering what it takes to feel content, here are some helpful happiness insights and fulfilling habits to explore.

Do you frequently look at other people and their happy lives and wonder what they’re doing right?

If so, it’s a sign you’re not satisfied right now with where you’re at, if you’re wondering how other people manage to feel content.

So, what does it actually take to feel content?

I’m the author of a few bestselling books on happiness. I love researching what it takes to feel fulfilled and joyful. In my newest book Happy Habits, I explore how to build more habits to improve one’s sense of contentment – and drop the naughty habits. Today in this article we’re going to try and find some answers to that tricky question of “what does it take to feel content?” Read on…

1. Appreciate What You Have

First of all, you need to take stock of your position in life. You need to think about the things that you have that you can be appreciative for.

Being content in life is impossible if you’re constantly feeling as if things are going badly for you and that life is better for everyone else.

When you take a step back and think about what you have to be appreciative for, you’ll notice that there’s a lot to like about your life.

2. Be Surrounded by the Right People

You need to be surrounded by the right people if you’re going to feel positive and content in life.

No man is an island.

It’s in your best interests to establish positive relationships with people who you feel can support and help you when times are tough. 

Plus you need to share positive times with these people and seek support during challenging times.

Good friends will be there for you through the rough and the smooth.

3. Embrace Meaningful Values

Having values that are genuinely important and meaningful to you can be really important in life. If you have good strong values that you can live by – and that guide you – it’s much easier to feel content and positive on a daily basis.

Take time to think about what your values are. Or what they should be.

4. Be Curious and Open to Experiences

Each of us only lives once. So it’s important to be curious in life.

You need to explore things that you’ve never experienced before. You need to feel like you’re always growing and stretching yourself.

When you’re open to new experiences – and curious about the world around you – it’s much easier to feel more fulfilled in life.

5. Be Comfortable With Yourself and Your Needs

If you’re not able to be comfortable in your own skin, you’re always going to struggle to feel content and happy. Hence it’s vitally important to work on accepting yourself and understanding your needs, so you can address them.

For example… Maybe you’re gay and have experienced a gay chatlines list. But you haven’t come out to your family and friends. Doing so and being proud of who you are will be essential for you. And that’s just one example among many.

In summary

It’s easy to look at other people who seem very happy and content in life and to wonder what they’re doing right. But you need to stop worrying about what other people are doing. And stop comparing your situation to theirs.

Instead you should work on your life, your relationships and determined what makes you uniquely content and happy.

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