6 Amazing Student Services You Definitely Need to Use    

amazing student servicesHere are a range of amazing student services you need to explore to improve how you learn and the grades you get.

I’m a mom to an awesome son. I personally know it is hardly possible to imagine student life without a smartphone. Thankfully the Internet now offers a range of useful services for students which can make their life much easier.

As a mom, I believe is very important for students to feel as confident as possible learning what they gotta learn.  Plus it’s always a good thing when students can spend less money and time on their school assignments. With this in mind, I decided to share several online services for students which I hope you and the students in your life will love.

6 Amazing Student Services

1. MentalFloss.com

Without a doubt, while completing tasks, you are distracted by checking mail or aimlessly scrolling pages. If you are a fan of such a pastime on the Internet, then this site will be an excellent alternative to social networks and will even allow you to find out a couple of entertaining facts about something interesting without straining your brain. This is a wonderful service where you can not only take your mind off your studies, but also learn something new

2. Essay Writing Website

On WriteMyEssayOnline, you can order any written assignment. Professional writers will help you in this matter and will not only write quality work for you, but also explain any aspects that interest you. In addition, you do not have to worry about plagiarism, since in this service, all texts undergo a thorough anti-plagiarism check before they are sent to you. So, you can safely trust this service.

3. PhotoMath

Few people know that there are excellent math problem solvers. But the most interesting thing is that they can also be used non-standard. For example, you can make a screenshot of the plotted graph or surface right from the screen in order to insert it into your abstract or laboratory report.

Another great option is an online compiler for solving Pascal programming problems.

You don’t have to download and install the compiler on your computer. An online flowchart editor can also come in handy. It is very convenient if you need to quickly make a small drawing or diagram. Often in abstracts it is necessary to organize data and present them in the form of diagrams. Online charting service will make your life easier.

4. Project Gutenberg

Every student has ever faced the fact that he cannot read the desired book. Project Gutenberg is a site where you can download over 30,000 free e-books for reading, although the word “free” is not entirely true. If you read carefully, it turns out that instead of paying or registering, you are required to make a small donation, which, according to the authors, will go towards digitizing the books.

This service is just a godsend for students, since it is during the student years that you have to download and find a lot of books. So, we advise you to download Project Gutenberg right now.

5. Wikipedia

We are sure you did not expect to see you on this list Wikipedia as all universities oppose this service. Nevertheless, it is a huge library that allows you to get diverse information about any exciting issue. All materials are freely available and translated into almost all languages ​​known today. As a result, you can quickly familiarize yourself with the information. You’ll not only expand your horizons. You will also surprise the teacher and fellow students with deep research of the topic and confident mastery of the material.

2 distinctive features of the world-famous Internet encyclopedia

  • the tool for editing it is in the hands of every Internet user
  • but the information remains accurate, reliable and up-to-date

Today it has collected over 24 million articles on topical issues, which are viewed by a 400 million audience per month. Convenient navigation, excellent linking system, lightning-fast response to the emergence of new information bring here thousands of students who are in search of the necessary and useful information.

Today, the best sites have already taken as a basis the first proposed linking scheme of the leading encyclopedia on the Internet. However, Wikipedia can distort more “subtle” knowledge, so be careful when referring to this source for information of specific content.

6. Coursera

Coursera is a new addition to online education. This project started in early 2012. It should be noted that it is currently very popular among Internet users (as of May 2012, over 1 million users were enrolled in the courses). Coursera is a free full-fledged course from prestigious European universities.

This student service includes:

  • video lectures
  • lecture notes
  • homework assignments
  • tests
  • exam questions

In addition, upon successful completion of the intermediate tasks and the final exam, the student is sent a certificate of completion of the chosen course.

Summary of These Amazing Student Services

Modern technology gives us a valuable opportunity to facilitate the learning process. That is why it is extremely important and reasonable to use this opportunity. We would recommend that you use all the services from our list. But if all of them are not relevant to you, then you can choose at least a few. Have a successful study!

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