3 Tips for A Branded Merchandise Strategy To Grow Your Business

Branded Merchandise Strategy To Grow Your BusinessLooking to grow your business? Good news! It only takes a few hours and not too much cash to create a branded merchandise strategy. Read on…

When you’re running your own business, the prospect of just getting through the day can seem daunting. But if you’re ready to expand and grow, I have some helpful, simple steps to get your business to the next level.

3 Tools for A Branded Merchandise Strategy

Right now you might be thinking: “Yo, Karen I don’t have the time or cash to create expensive or complicated marketing strategies that cost lots of money and hours to implement.”

No worries! In this article I will give you an easy branded merchandise strategy. You’ll explore creating everything from cool business cards to stylish clothes that passively promote who you are – all at not too much expense.

branded business cards strategy1. Your Best Branded Business Card

When you attend networking events, everyone hands out business cards.

You want to stand out from the crowd! So be sure your business card is a little different and thereby slightly more memorable!

Your mission: Find something smart that contains all your details – but make sure it’s in the form of something unique. Check out these great unconventional ideas for cards that really stand out.

Plus, I personally use Moo business cards! I love how Moo offers unusual shaped cards. Plus the company allows me to print 50 completely different inspirational quote posters on one side – then put my contact info on the other side.

At marketing events, I ask people to pick their favorite card! It becomes a great, memorable conversation starter – and thereby helpful business connections starter!

grow your business with Branded Merchandise Strategy2. Branded Merchandise For Exhibitions

Sometimes it’s time to hit the road and take your product on tour to a convention or exhibition.

You need to make sure visitors to your stand are rewarded for spending time with you. With this in mind, your team should wear fun branded tee shirts as part of your branded merchandise strategy. Plus there should be some great branded products giveaways to hand out too.

branded merchandise chapsticks for how to be happy dammitYour mission: Make sure your various giveaways are outside of the box merchandise – which are genuinely useful – and not just gimmicks.

Think about getting reusable branded coffee cups.

Or you can explore any kind of tech like USB sticks or smart speakers.

branded merchandise chapsticks prince harming syndromeI created branded chapsticks for 2 of my different books!

For my How To Be Happy Dammit book, the chapsticks said: “Smile protection for your lips. For your spirit, read How To Be Happy Dammit.”

And for my book Prince Harming Syndrome the chapsticks said: “Frog kissing protection for your lips. For your heart, read Prince Harming Syndrome.”

Also terrific: branded sports gear or tote bags that genuinely appeal to your customers and have them thinking about your name every time they pull out this merchandise to use.

Be sure to always merge your goodies with great stylish branding – so your merchandise really jumps out in a fun way.

Need helping with branding? I started out as an award winning copywriter! Check out my Brand Honey Consulting help here!

Another great idea: If you’re taking your business to several exhibitions, why not have something representing the state you’re in, from Americaware!

Your overall branded merchandise mission: Make sure your giveaway products are fun, useful – and above all memorable. 

3. Branded Products For Marketing On The Go

Out for a run? Promote your brand! Regularly wear branded t-shirts and caps. Carry branded water bottles.

Going to the beach? Hand out free branded sunscreen, water bottles, or towels – all with a stylishly designed branded image on them.

You could even simply be walking around doing your shopping. If you’re wearing your branded merchandise, you’re warmly promoting your brand in a free and effective way.

Just be sure you create branded merchandise in a way which is eye catching and unique to your brand.

Get Started on Your Branded Merchandise Strategy Today

Your business deserves to grow and move forward. If you’re proud of what you do, it’s time to start shouting it from the rooftops and start promoting your business here, there and everywhere with branded merchandise!

If you need help with branding, check out my Brand Honey Consulting help here!  I started out as an award winning copywriter!  So explore how you can work with me 1-on-1 here!

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