Chatting With Strangers Makes You More Cheerful [Research Study]

Chatting with strangers Makes You More Cheerful (Weird But True Research Studies)Chatting with strangers makes you more cheerful and happy. Check out this fascinating research.

Silence might be golden. But chatting it up with strangers can stop you from being blue.

According to 2 recent research studies, when you take time to strike up conversations with people, you wind up increasing your happiness.

Research Study #1 About Chatting With Strangers

The first study focused on two groups of Chicago train commuters.

  • The first group spent their commute not interacting with anyone.
  • The second group was instructed to start a conversation with a stranger.

Those who chatted with strangers reported a far more happy train ride experience than those who stayed quiet.

On a side note…

These results happened despite the fact that the “quiet commuters” wrongly predicted they’d feel happier if they did not talk to anybody on the train.

Research Study #2 About Chatting With Strangers

Another interesting study examined how customers felt after they’d sparked up a genuine interaction with the cashiers or baristas serving them.

Those customers who said they chatted with their server, and connected in a meaningful way, wound up feeling far happier and cheerier than non-chatty customers.

On a side note…

It seems the simple act of asking someone how they are (and showing interest in the answer) successfully increased joy for both people in the conversation. It’s a two-way win.

Why does chatting with strangers make us more cheerful?

Chatting Makes You More Cheerful (Weird But True Research Studies)Research shows that the need to connect socially with others is as basic as our need for food, water and shelter.

When we chat with strangers we feel:

  • More valued
  • Less isolated
  • Confident and reassured

How You Can Boost Your Happiness By Chatting With Strangers…

Connectivity increases positivity.

With this in mind, make it a daily habit to start up a conversation with your server – or someone you are waiting in line with.

Idea: Tell them about these 2 studies.

You’ll literally feel happy you did.

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