6 Steps To Do When You Think Life Sucks – So You Feel Better

6 Steps To Do When You Think Life Sucks - So You Feel BetterDo you find yourself thinking “My life sucks” far too often lately? If so, here are 6 helpful steps to do when you think life sucks – so you feel better swiftly. Read on…

Are you experiencing repeated problems and disappointments in either love? Or career? Maybe friendships? Health? Money? Or a combo of a few of these?

If so, there’s a strong chance your subconscious mind is “programmed with limiting beliefs” – which are causing you to do “limiting habits” which get in your way of a happier life.

As Carl Jung said: “When an inner situation is not made conscious it appears outside as fate.”

How do you know you have “limiting beliefs”?

That’s easy: Life is difficult.

You say: “I think my life sucks” far too often.

6 Steps To Do When You Think Life Sucks - So You Feel BetterWhat to do if you think life sucks?

You need to become aware of your “daily negative thought patterns” – or else you will continue to find yourself going from saying…

  • “I’m having one of those days” 


  • “I’m having one of those years” 


  • “I’m having one of those lives.”

Today I want to help you to change your daily programmed negative thoughts  –  so you can start feeling…

  • I’m happy, grateful, confident – and even lucky in life!”

How to swap “life is sucky” to “feeling lucky”…

  • I’m going to give you 6 simple steps below.
  • First we will jackhammer drill down into the depths of your subconscious – until you discover the pesky limiting thinking getting in your way of happiness.
  • Then we’ll “re-program” your subconscious – turning “destructive beliefs” into“instructive beliefs”

Afterwards you will..

  • Feel stronger – and proud of your inner strength
  • Be more optimistic about where your life is headed
  • Enjoy more daily gratitude for all that you presently have
  • Feel far better about your life – on a daily basis

6 Steps To Do When You Think Life Sucks - So You Feel Better6 Steps To Do When You Think Life Sucks

I sometimes refer to this 6 step process as “Creating Pain-O-Ramic Vision” – because it gives you a full 360 degree panoramic view of the pain in your life.

Then it helps you to focus in on all the gain in your pain – until you find the beautiful blessings and helpful lessons your pain brought you.

1. Breathe deeply. Enter a meditative state.

Dare to think about your five most painful life incidents.

2. Become physically aware of how your body feels thinking about these incidents.

Do you feel tense in your stomach, neck, head, back?

There’s a neuroscientific reason for starting with this physical focus — given to me by neuroscientist and psychologist Dr. Goulston.

Dr. Goulston suggests that to achieve your best stream of consciousness, it helps to start at the lowest spheres of your brain — your animal sphere – then rise up to your emotional — then thirdly head into your neocortex – your highest rational brain processing.

6 Steps To Do When You Think Life Sucks - So You Feel BetterWhen you start by tapping into your physical senses first, you are starting in a slow way to get in touch with your pain.

Basically, becoming aware of the pain in your body is the least scary self-exploration for people to engage in.

After you are aware of the pain in your body, breathe it out. Try to release it.

You will then be more prepared to explore your emotional pain.

3. Answer 1 – 3 of the following questions.

Make sure the 1 -3 questions you pick are ones which relate back in topic to your present problem(s).

  • “When it comes to (love, success, friendship, health), I believe that…”
  • “I don’t believe that…”
  • “Plus, I blame my bad life results on….”
  • “And I fear….”
  • “My childhood taught me when it comes to (love, success, friendship, health) to expect….”
  • “Society taught me when it comes to (love, success, friendship, health) to expect…”
  • “The media taught me when it comes to (love, success, friendship, health) to expect…”
  • “I had a trauma/crisis which taught me when it comes to (love, success, friendship, health) to expect….”

6 Steps To Do When You Think Life Sucks - So You Feel Better4. Put all your “limiting beliefs” from step # 3 on trial.

Take time to cross-examine each “destructive belief” like a tough attorney – until you are able to turn it into an “instructive belief.”

Dispute and discredit your (b)lame excuses from step #3 — by gathering “positive evidence” otherwise!

For example…

  • Make a list of proof of your talents, energy, and willpower to get what you want.
  • Write a list of proof of how the world has supported plenty of others in their dreams – so you’re next up, baby!
  • Create a list of any and all contradictory evidence you can brainstorm up — which proves your limited beliefs are just that — limited!

sometimes bad luck is good luck if you wait long enough5. Feel more inner peace about past pain, by completing the following sentences:

  • “Lucky, unlucky me, from this bad time I learned…”
  • “And lucky, unlucky me, from this bad time I became more….”
  • “Plus lucky, unlucky me, from this bad time I met …

6. Spend time with happy people – who are successful in your topic of disappointment and pain.

When you spend as much time as possible with happy people who have what you want – you further shift your belief system to the highly positive.

You change what your subconscious mind thinks is “normal” and develop a “new normal” which is more optimistic.

For example…

  • If your subconscious mind thinks “love never lasts” – then spend time with happy couples so you can develop a new normal that “love can last and be pain-free.”
  • Plus, maybe you will pick up some of this happy couple’s secrets for happiness!

Feel Better about your lifeIn Summary:

I promise that if you bravely jackhammer down and get to the root of your limiting beliefs, you will stop thinking “My Life Sucks” – and start feeling lucky to be the hero of all you’ve been through!

After you do these steps you will experience another benefit:

  • Your fears and worries will become a lot less scary.


Because you pulled a Dorothy!

You faced up to the scary, mysterious “Wizard of Oz” fears in your life – and you pulled back the curtain on them!

As a result, you discovered that your “Wizard of Oz” fears and worries – which you blamed for your troubles – were not nearly as scary and powerful as you originally believed!

Still think life sucks? Think again!

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