An Effective Tool to Overcome Limiting Beliefs That Block Happiness

An Effective Tool to Overcome Limiting Beliefs That Block Happiness

How To Feel Happier: A Simple Tool to Overcome Limiting Beliefs
Want to feel happier? Here’s a simple, effective tool to help you overcome limiting beliefs which block happiness by keeping you stuck and frustrated. Learn how to break bad patterns for good! Read on…

Over a decade ago  I was home sick with stomach troubles. My friend Joelle suggested I order up papayas to heal my belly. So I ordered up papayas from a local Manhattan bodega.

“Um…. Excuse me,” I told the delivery guy when he arrived at my door, bag in hand. “These aren’t papayas. These are mangoes. I need papayas – for my tummy. I have a tummy ache.”  I patted my stomach – and handed him back the bag.

“No, no,  these are papayas,” the delivery guy insisted.

He was a young guy – in his early twenties –  with dark brown curly hair – just like mine. I suddenly felt like his older, wiser sister.

“Um… sorry…. but no, those are mangoes,” I corrected him warmly. “I need papayas – because papayas are good for the belly – and I have a belly ache,”  I re-explained.

He plucked one of the fruit objects from the bag, re-offered it to me for re-inspection. “Nope! You’re wrong. This is a papaya, lady.”

We passed the fruit object back and forth a few more times, until finally I decided to knock on my neighbor’s door.

Pam (of “Barney and Pam” ) answered, looking about eleven months pregnant, and in no mood for a fruit discussion. But I needed to know.

How To Feel Happier: A Simple Tool to Overcome Limiting Beliefs
“Excuse me, Pam,” I said, “Can you help us out. Is this a mango or a papaya?’

“Papaya,” she said.

“Papaya?” I repeated.

“Papaya,” the delivery guy repeated.

Both Pam and the delivery guy nodded their heads up and down  – like those little wobbly-necked toy doggies.

Although their heads were saying “yes, yes, yes” – my mind still kept thinking “no, no, no.”

I couldn’t believe it! How could I have lived over 30 years on this planet believing papayas were mangoes?

I humbly accepted my bag of papayas (extra-tipping the delivery guy for his extra-patience ).

When I re-entered my apartment, I found myself feeling very philosophical.

I wondered…

If I could enter my 30’s believing a papaya was a mango, how could I trust that I knew anything for certain?

How To Feel Happier: A Simple Tool to Overcome Limiting Beliefs
How many other things had I learned all wrong – and thereby age wasn’t bringing me more wisdom, but instead simply reinforcing my stupidity!

My love life in particular popped into my mind.

In the same way that I could not distinguish a mango from a papaya, it seemed that (back then in my 30’s) I also could not recognize love from lust.

I remembered how in elementary school they held you back if you weren’t learning at the appropriate pace.

Well, at that point in my 30’s, I felt as if I should have been held back from getting older due to my inability to learn love lessons.

I should have been kept back for remedial romance skills.

How To Feel Happier: A Simple Tool to Overcome Limiting Beliefs
Later in  my forties, I finally figured out how to distinguish love versus lust – and a variety of other important love lessons – all of which inspired me to make the changes I needed to finally enjoy the happy family life I now gratefully have.

I received my needed insights thanks to a regular meditation practice.

Today I want to share with you the same powerful Sound Meditation I used to help me to see my limiting beliefs around love more clearly – then finally make the break though changes I needed to make to break my bad patterns in love for good.

Reminder: This particular meditation will help you to unblock limiting beliefs in all areas of your life – career, money, family, friendship, love relationships, stress, health – you name it.

Note: I shared this Sound Meditation in my book Instant Calmwhich offers a range of sensory meditations each based on tapping into one of your 5 senses: sight, sound, touch, smell, taste. You can learn more about all the many meditations I love to use here.

A Powerful Meditation To Break Through Limiting Beliefs

An NLP Mantra!

How To Feel Happier: A Simple Tool to Overcome Limiting Beliefs

A mantra is a sacred utterance—either a word or a group of words with positive associations— that you say out loud – over and over – until you really feel it vibrate through your body and chakras. This vibration that the mantra creates then helps to release stored and stiff energy within you – allowing new energy and new thoughts into your system.

Mantras are a powerful “Sound Meditation,” and that’s a research-backed opinion.

A study in Brain and Behavior reported that repeating a single-word mantra, even without a spiritual context or other practices typical of meditation, had a definite calming effect.

A popular go-to mantra commonly recommended is the single spiritual syllable of “om.”  

But I came up with an even more powerful mantra – the word “Calm” – repeated in the same way you’d chant om. But because the word “calm” has a known meaning of “relaxation” – this mantra double-duties as a Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) tool.

Quick Explanation of NLP: Neurolinguistic Programming is a therapy built on the belief that using positive and self-loving language can influence your subconscious mind.

How to Do This Neurolinguistic Programming–Enhanced Mantra:

  • Sit on a pillow on the floor in a comfortable cross legged position.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Repeat the word calm as you would chant the spiritual mantra of “ommmmm”—by pronouncing it as “caaaaaalmmmmm.”
  • Repeat the “alm” part as if that A and M are three to four syllables long— and as if you’re saying “aummmmmmmmmm” – so you can more fully feel the vibration in your throat and chest.
  • Be sure to hold each “alm” for about ten to fifteen seconds—and repeat for a minimum of two minutes. Caaauuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmm. . . .

Why This Sound Meditation is So Powerful

  • You get the NLP benefits from the positive word “calm”
  • Plus you cash in on the vibrational benefits of chanting “ommmmm.”

If you do this Sound Meditation regularly, in time you will break through whatever limiting beliefs are keeping you stuck – and you will gain new insights, boosted inspiration, and helpful intuitions.

Want to get more in touch with your truest and highest self – and live your happiest life? Create a regular meditation practice, with all the many fun and simple sensory meditations in Instant Calm!

Think happier. Think calmer.

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