4 Simple Steps To Start Living And Loving Life More Now

 Simple steps Start Living And Loving Life NowDo you feel stuck in your life – in either your career or your personal life? Unfortunately a lot of things can keep us from living and loving life as deeply as we want. Thankfully there are steps you can take!

Today I want to talk about 4 specific things that you need to start to do differently – if you want to live a life you love.

4 Simple Steps To Start Living and Loving Life Now

These 4 steps will help you to improve your life – and better increase your odds that you will achieve what you want.

living and loving life more1. Beef up your commitment

The first thing I want you to do: Think about being more committed to your goals.

On a scale of 1 to 10 how committed are you to the goals you want to achieve?

If you’re at a 7 or under, you gotta amp up your commitment levels!

It’s not enough to mildly want what you want.

You gotta wildly want what you want!

Nobody gets their greatest wishes by being wishy-washy! 🙂

My favorite motivational mantra: “I’m the type of person who makes the world say yes to me!”

Another motivational tip: Start to think about what you are willing to sacrifice in order to achieve your goals!

focus on the adventure not destination to love life2. Focus on the journey – not just the destination

When you view pursuing your dreams as an exciting journey, you will have extra fuel to stay motivated – even when you face challenges and obstacles.

If you only focus on results, when something difficult comes along, you’re more likely to give in and give up.

But if you’re focused on the journey (and not just the destination) then you’ll get curious not furious!

You will view challenges as an opportunity to learn new things and improve who you are.

For example, if you’re adventure-focused, and you face a stumbling block, you might try reading this blog for solutions.

Or you might consider online certificate courses or educational video courses to improve your knowledge.

living and loving life means getting rid of distractions3. Get rid of distractions

There are so many distractions in our lives that can get in the way of us doing all of the things that we want to do.

Social media, modern living, and other things can be real distractions.

So think about the things that waste your time, and try to cut back on these things.

Your mission: Don’t give up what you want most in swap for what you want now!

master your thoughts to live and love your life4. Master your Mind, Master Your Life

When you train your brain to think more positively, you wind up doing more positive habits and getting more positive life results!

With this in mind, create a regular meditation practice.

Too busy to meditate? Try doing simple 2 minute meditations.

A little meditation is better than zippo meditation.

I offer fun and easy 2 minute meditation in my book Instant Calm – which is getting rave reviews from our world’s top meditation teachers and wellness experts! Learn more here!

Basically, if you want to start living and loving life more, you gotta change your thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, stories and interpretations!

You must change what goes on inside of you, in order to change what goes on outside of you!

Think happier. Think calmer.

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