A Tool To Help You Never Give Up

never give upWhenever I’m dealing with a challenging time, I remind myself – out loud – and loudly – to “Never give up, never give up, never give up!”

I love saying this peptalk three times in a row, in a funny, Winston-Churchill-type voice. (After all, humor is an added stress reliever.)

There was fascinating research done in 1996 by psychologist Albert Bandura—on “Self-efficacy” –which is about developing the inner belief that you can accomplish some task.

According to Bandura, when you believe in your ability, you tend to not give up – and this added effort leads to success.

Here’s A Terrific Example:

shutterstock_127001066You’re given a key from a pile of hundreds —and told it probably won’t work to open a door. You try— but don’t try hard—because you doubt it will work. Hence, you can’t open the door. Next, you’re given a single key and told “This is absolutely the key.” You try harder to open the door. You jiggle and wiggle. The door opens. Guess what? In both cases you were given the right key. But in the second case you had “self efficacy” on your side—and did not give up.

Important Clarification:

Never give up —unless you’re doing something stupid. If something’s not working, it’s important to PAUSE, THINK AGAIN, and TRY TO CREATE A NEW STRATEGY. In fact, that’s what the people did with the pile of keys. They simply tried to jiggle the keys a bit differently so as to make the right key work rightly!

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