Lifestyle Habits That Make Your Teeth Dull And Yellow

Lifestyle Habits That Make Your Teeth Dull And Yellow Inbox

If you want a nice bright smile, then you want to know about these simply lifestyle habits that make your teeth dull and yellow. Some of these habits might surprise you!

Picture this. It’s Monday morning and you’re smiling in your bathroom mirror, checking your teeth before you go to work. Except, this morning, you notice something unpleasant – your teeth look completely yellow. Worse, still, there are brown stains on them.

What the heck is going on? 

First, we should note that stained teeth are a perfectly normal part of life. While models in magazines have perfectly white teeth, that’s not always natural. Usually, there’s been some digital chicanery in the background. 

Secondly, off-white teeth is something you can correct easily. Going to exceptional cosmetic dentists for professional cleaning and whitening resolves most problems. 

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5 Lifestyle Habits That Make Your Teeth Dull And Yellow

In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the most common teeth issues and lifestyle habits that make your teeth dull and yellow. Check them out below. 

1. Eating Too Much Sugar

sugar yellows your teethYou guessed it: sugar can dull your teeth. Sugar actually turns teeth brown because of decay. Bacteria work their way into the enamel, revealing more of the brittle, yellow dentin beneath. Eventually, brown and black cavities form – and when that happens, you’ll need a filling. 

Sugar is everywhere in the modern diet. But you can avoid it with a few simple lifestyle modifications. Don’t eat anything processed from a packet without reading the ingredients list first. And avoid sugary drinks, like soda, entirely. If you want a cold drink, try brewing a fruit tea and adding ice cubes.  

2. Drinking Lots Of Green Tea

tea yellows your teethGreen tea is super healthy because it contains compounds like ECGC which rejuvenate cells.

However, green tea also contains high levels of tannins – compounds that can cause teeth to become discolored over time. 

You don’t have to cut out green tea altogether to solve this problem. Just use a straw next time you make a brew. 

3. Smoking

Lifestyle Habits That Make Your Teeth Dull And YellowSmoking is one of the leading reasons people get yellow and brown teeth.

Cigarette smoke contains compounds that stick to the teeth, worth their way into the enamel, and eventually get stuck there.

Even brushing doesn’t remove them. 

You can reduce yellowing by stopping smoking right now. If the staining on your teeth is bad, you can go to the dentist for whitening treatment to return them to their natural color. 

4. Long-Term Antibiotics Use

Lifestyle Habits That Make Your Teeth Dull And YellowLifestyle Habits That Make Your Teeth Dull And YellowDid you know that some types of tetracycline antibiotics can change the color of teeth?

When used long-term for conditions like acne, they can affect the development of the dentin inside teeth, making the enamel look grey. 

Unfortunately, standard treatments can’t correct this problem. In this instance, your teeth aren’t stained. Instead, the material that composes them is a different color.

So no amount of cleaning or bleaching will ever deal with the problem. 

You can, however, cover up the issue with veneers – small pieces of porcelain that fit over the front of the teeth. 

5. Eating Lots Of Fruits

smile while you have teethEating lots of whole fruits is a great way to improve your overall health.

But, again, these foods contain powerful pigment compounds that can stick to your teeth and change their color. 

Grapefruits and blueberries are both good examples.

If you want to continue eating these foods, be sure to visit your dentist regularly.

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