Low on Motivation? Try These 5 Reframing Tools To Get Motivated

Low on Motivation? Try These 5 Reframing Tools To Get MotivatedIf you’re low on motivation you can get yourself motivated to do what you gotta do with these 5 reframing tools! Each are popular and effective NLP tools. 

The other morning, my two and half year old son Ari was staging a mini protest against his morning bath.

“Let’s take a bath!” I tried with all the pep I could muster.

But nope, my cheerleader routine wasn’t cutting it. He wasn’t buying what I was selling!

Ari stood there, arms crossed, giving me the “no way, not happening'”look.

So, what’s a motivational author mommy to do in the face of toddler defiance?

How do you sell a bath to someone who views it as a splashy version of jail time?

I grabbed a motivational tool from my bestselling book: Think Happy.

Inside I share a reframing tool!

I recommend reframing your words as something more fun and positive!

“Let’s take a bubble bath with lots of bubbles!” I said – reframing the bath experience in a more positive light – and with a peppiness that got his attention.

To my relief and delight, his eyes lit up like twinkling stars. Sure enough, Ari perked up!

Then I added: “Let’s go swimming in the tub – with lots of bubbles!”

Suddenly, bath time transformed from a chore to an exciting adventure. Thanks to this reframing tool, my son was now on board and psyched to take a bath!

Now …you might be wondering…

How can YOU apply this reframing tool to your own life?

  • You can teach yourself to re-think the experiences and habits you don’t want to do
  • Then you can get creative and reframe these experiences and habits as something positive and fun.

An example of a reframing tool…

  • Doing the stairmaster at the gym might be re-framed as “YAY! I’m excited to do that Fit Into My Skinny Jeans Lean Machine!”

Do you see what I did in the above example?

I reframed the thing that I might presently be avoiding – by focusing on the positive results.

I flipped the script, and turned it from “have to” into a “can’t wait to” – because I became more excited about the “skinny jeans” benefits to come!

Plus I made the habit feel playful and fun – by giving it a playful and fun name.

Unsure how to create your own positive reframing- so you too can trick your brain into seeing the fun and positive side of things?

No worries! Here are …

6 Reframing Tips To Increase Motivation

1.  Use a Specific Outcome Reframe

Ask yourself:

  • What do I want?
  • What am I pursuing?

Refocus on the positive end benefits – and stop thinking about the pain and the struggle.

Example: Suppose you dread doing paperwork. Instead of thinking, “Ugh, I have to sort through all these documents,” reframe it as, “Completing this paperwork means I’m one step closer to a clutter-free desk and a clear mind.”

2. Use an “As If” Feeling Reframe

Ask yourself:

  • What would it feel like for me if I achieved the final outcome of what I want?

Imagine that an outcome you want is already true – and feel the joy of accomplishment in your body, mind, spirit.

When you pretend “as if” your desired goal is already happening and presently in reality …well, you then enter into a more open mindset to do the task at hand..

Feel the joy of the outcome throughout your mind, body, spirit. Then go do what you gotta do!

Example: If you’re avoiding starting a workout routine, imagine yourself as already having achieved your fitness goals. Feel the energy, the confidence, and the health benefits “as if” they are already a part of your life. This can motivate you to take the first step.

3. Use a Revised Time Reframe

Low on Motivation? Try These 5 Reframing Tools To Boost MotivationOften people procrastinate until it’s the last minute to do something.

Basically, when there’s a deadline you need to urgently meet, suddenly motivation magically increases.

Convince yourself of an urgency:

  • Make it a beat the clock game! Challenge yourself to accomplish some aspect of the task within 10 minutes!
  • Create a believable reason why you have a deadline to do the task at hand more immediately.

Basically, with a Time Reframe you need to convince yourself you need to take action right away -within a certain amount of time –  for a real reason.

Example: If you’ve been postponing cleaning your garage, set a timer for 30 minutes and challenge yourself to get as much done as possible in that time. Imagine you have guests arriving soon and you want the space to be presentable.

4. Use a New Perspective Reframe

Think about someone you think is pretty awesome – someone you respect a great deal. Try to view the action you don’t want to do  from their perspective. 

Ask yourself:

  • How would this person convince you to do the action?
  • Why would this person themselves be able to do the action?
  • How does this person view the action you need to take as important and beneficial?

Example: Think about how your favorite author, athlete, or successful entrepreneur would tackle the task you’re avoiding. If you’re procrastinating on writing, consider how your favorite author might view writing as an exciting journey and an opportunity to create something impactful.

5. Use Humor

Stop taking what you have to do so seriously!

  • Reframe the action you need to take in a funny way! Give it a funny name! 
  • Even go so far as to make fun of yourself – so you can relax a little.

In this calmer and more fun state of mind you will be more open to do what you gotta do.

Example: If you need to clean your house, you might reframe it as “Operation Sparkle Palace” or “The Great Dust Bunny Hunt.” By adding humor, you can make the task seem less daunting and more enjoyable.

6. Watch This Short Video

Low on Motivation? Get More Reframing Tools

Check out my bestselling book Think Happy

Note: I shared this article on my FB page – and here are some awesome reframing ideas from my community on Facebook.

Reframing Tools From My FB Community


When my kids were little I realized they don’t want me to tell them they have to take a bath. So I got out a clip board and paper and went to each one and said I have an available bath appointment at 6:30 or 7 – when would you like your appointment? Each one would happily pick a time – and happily took their bath when the clock said it was their appointment time. They loved deciding when!

The Orange Rhino

Re-framing is so helpful! Bedtime used to be a disaster because I went into thinking “Ugh this is gonna stink!” I changed it to “Yes! Lets get this party started! It’s my last 45 minutes with my boys before I say goodnight for 12 hours! (Okay, 10 hours if I am lucky.) Let’s make it a great 45 minutes!” Works like a charm.


Low on Motivation? Try These 5 Reframing Tools To Boost MotivationOh, one of my favorites for my kids was back when I had a lot of trouble with picky eater (boys). I started naming food items gross names, like, my son would look at the onions in something and ask if there were onions in the soup (duh, you know there are because you are picking one out). I responded, “nope, those are pieces of witch skin” or something. We ate troll brains and dried up boogers and fingernails and worms and monkey guts and all sorts of things–the grosser the name the better – esp if they were the ones coming up with them.


I call my kids chore chart a responsibility chart – makes it sound more like they’re being treated like big kids/young adults. The more freedoms they want, the more responsibilities they take on!


I work as a Residential Cleaner and I get psyched by thinking of ‘cleaning’ as a great cardiovascular workout, or weight training. I reframe the more tedious tasks by playing ‘beat the clock’.


I make happy faces with at least one meal a day. Today was mini bran muffin eyes, strawberry nose, with a bananas smile.


Nobody was amused to remove the snow with an ordinary snow shovel… Sitting in the kitchen I asked loud and clear: ” I wonder if it’s possible to blow the snow away with our electric blower…” Immediately two sons run outside to try and to find other male friendly solutions.


I went to physio today to make my knee better! And I’m washing the kitchen windows so I can see the birds on the bird table better!


Today, as I was writing Board Minutes in my lawyer job, when all I wanted to do was play with my makeup company makeup, write my website and decide on photos to make my website look pretty. I reframed it as: “I’m so lucky to have a career that pays for my baby, Iridis Cosmetics, and that the sooner I finish my lawyer job, the sooner I can play with makeup again!” Boy did that spur me on!!!! Reframing is SUCH a key to success!


While my three children were growing up I would always reframe “homework” as home studies, world exploration and life improvement!


Dishes in the sink? Be grateful you have running water and plates on which to put any food you want on. In every moment there’s something to be thankul for.


I used to have an awful time with my son – waking him up. Now I turn the TV up full blast so he hears his favorite show.


Yay, I am excited about getting a shiny new permanent tooth today for a great smile! (Trying not to think about the dentist drill.)


Think happier. Think calmer.

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