How and Why to Stop Jumping to Conclusions

stop jumping to conclusions

How and why to stop jumping to quick conclusions…

We live in a world of a million interpretations.

We must resist staying stuck on just one.

And especially, we must resist staying stuck on the most negative interpretation.

This applies to the smallest of things (someone not answering an email) to the largest of things (a break up).

Stop jumping to conclusions.

Remember: Time not only heals. Time reveals.

Often you’ll discover things have happened for “a greater good.”

Example 1:

  • Maybe the break up was a trade up! You are meant to meet someone new – and better.

Example 2:

  • Maybe you discover there’s a completely different interpretation than the painful one you imagined about a disappointing situation. Like the email you sent someone got caught in their overly protective pesky spam box – or they were on vacation!

stop jumping to conclusions

If right now you’re interpreting something in a negative way, stop jumping to conclusions and take another look.

See if you can see some of the other 999,999,999 interpretations for what happened!

Questions to ask to help you stop jumping to conclusions

Take some time to answer the following:

  • “What else can this mean?”
  • “What’s a positive gain in my pain?”
  • “How might things be for the greater good over time?
  • “What’s a blind spot in this I might not be seeing?”

Live your happiest life

Some of this text above is from my bestselling book HOW TO BE HAPPY DAMMIT.

Think happier. Think calmer.

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