15 Life Lessons Which Fuel Me Daily

(NOTE: This is a guest blog essay by Sigrid Kjeldsen)

Becoming a consciously alive human being has been this amazing, tumultuous, and impossible to stop process.

It has taken me 20 years to trust this journey, to be one with it, to recognize that this journey IS life.

I must say, turning 40 coming up this year, I know what it means to feel in the prime of life.

It isn’t because I have two healthy, beautiful kids or a husband that rocks.

All that is the icing on the cake!

The real exhilaration I feel comes from being unequivocally in charge of my life.

So how did I get here?

15 Life Lessons Which Fuel Me Daily

I wanted to share with you the 15 Life Lessons I learned along the way that fueled this journey of becoming – and which fuel me daily.

1. Always trust my intuition…always. It can always be heard and it never lies.
2. I don’t have to believe every thought that I think.
3. A relaxed state of mind is a powerful state of mind.
4. I see that negative emotion isn’t bad, but only indicates that I am disconnected to me.
5. Allowing myself to shine, allows others to do the same.
6. Life has a flow to it and having, doing or being anything I desire is about getting into that flow.
7. My mind is my greatest co-creator and my biggest saboteur.
8. Space and stillness are my greatest friends.
9. What I believe to be, will be.
10. Being a mother is a holy job and it makes me a better person.
11. I am always loved.
12. All humans have a joy default.
13. Everything you could ever desire is a hands reach away
14. There is more wellbeing in this world than the opposite.
15. I am more powerful than any challenge I could ever face.

by Sigrid Kjeldsen. Sigrid also owns and operates the site www.thejoyfulmother.com T

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