6 Tips To Handle A Dental Emergency As A Busy Mom

Tips To Handle A Dental Emergency As A Busy MomI am both a mother and a wellness expert – so I prepared this quick guide with tips for how to handle a dental emergency as a busy mom.

Life as a mom involves a daunting whirlwind of juggling multiple tasks. These may range from wrapping lunches to organizing assignments sessions. Coping with an oral health issue can feel like a sudden turn of events amid the chaos.

The dental world does not always correspond with the responsibilities of motherhood. Your child may encounter unexpected tooth pain during practice for soccer or a knocked-out tooth during a date with the kids. Did you know 2 million dental emergencies are reported in the US annually? Many of these patients are kids.

But you need to worry. We will look at how to deal with dental issues with ease, turning possible catastrophes into feasible moments.

I’m writing this article not only because I am a mom… but also because I’m a bestselling personal development author with about 2 million books sold globally.

I love sharing tools to help people to live their calmest and happiest lives.

With this in mind, I have prepared this quick busy mom’s guide to handling dental emergencies.

6 Tips For A Busy Mom To Handle A Dental Emergency

So, get ready because when it involves your child’s dental health, you are more than just a mom. You can become a superhero prepared to take on any dental problem with these tips.

1. Stay calm

The most important thing to remember during an emergency is to remain calm. Your demeanor sets an example for how your kid views and interacts with the situation.

Keep in mind that children frequently mirror their parents’ responses. So, displaying a serene demeanor may comfort them and make the event less frightening. Keeping a sense of calm enables you to think effectively while taking the appropriate action to address the issue quickly.

2. Control bleeding

Bleeding is a common cause of concern in dental emergencies. Your child might be bleeding as a result of a tooth injury. Start by carefully washing their mouth with warm water to remove any blood. Use light pressure on the region in question with a towel or gauze to stop the bleeding.

If the bleeding does not stop, apply cold compresses to narrow the blood vessels and prevent more bleeding. Remember that a gentle touch is essential here.

3. Have an emergency kit

Having a plan for emergencies is your hidden weapon as a busy mom. You should make an emergency dental kit with necessities. It includes sterilized gauze, a tiny jar with a secure lid, children’s pain relief workers, and cold compresses.

This kit serves as your tooth first aid arsenal, prepared to be used in the event of an emergency. Remember to check it often and replace the expired items to prevent last-minute hassles when something goes wrong.

4. Contact your dentist

Tips To Handle A Dental Emergency As A Busy MomYou should not hesitate to contact your dentist if you are experiencing a dental emergency. Maintain their contact details in your cell phone or on the fridge. Explain the scenario calmly and thoroughly.

A quick search for a same day dentist near me can be a savior if your regular dentist is not available. An expert can provide direction and evaluate the severity of the issue. They can also advise if immediate intervention needs to be given or if the issue can wait until an arranged visit.

5. Preserve knocked-out tooth

Every parent’s greatest fear is a knocked-out tooth. It can stress you out as a busy mom because you may hardly have time for an extended treatment cycle. However, there is hope when your child loses their tooth in an unfortunate event.

In this case, gently wash it with water and place it back into its socket if possible. If reinsertion is not possible, keep the tooth moist by placing it in a container of milk or an alkaline saline solution. Timing is an important factor. Therefore, you should make an appointment with your oral surgeon within an hour. Your prompt actions can help save that priceless smile.

6. Prioritize oral health

Early detection is the best form of protection against dental emergencies. Fostering good dental routines in your children is the best approach to prevent cavities. Regular dental check-ups, routine flossing and brushing, and eating well all contribute to strong gums and teeth.

Dental problems are unforeseeable. Maintaining good oral health reduces the likelihood and extent of such incidents. You need to teach your children the value of oral hygiene by making it a joint effort that will benefit them in the years to come.


Dental emergencies like pain and injuries can be frightening in the unpredictable environment of parenthood. Imagine balancing it when you have a crucial office meeting or work trip. You should be ready for any toothy twist that comes your way. Luckily, you can achieve this goal with a cool demeanor, a well-stocked crisis kit, and quick thinking. Keep your cool, be prepared, and trust your supermom instincts to lead you through those unanticipated dental challenges. You can do it!

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