Universal Truths About Love: 4 Tips For A Happier Marriage or Relationship

Want to know some universal truths about love, relationships and marriage? These 4 timeless quote image posters – read together – make for some interesting relationship and marriage insights.

These universal truths about love will serve as helpful tools to encourage you to find (and maintain) a stronger marriage and/or happier relationship.

Be sure to scroll down to read all 4 timeless truths about marriage and relationships.

The 1st Universal Truth About Love

timeless universal truth about love marriage relationships

I found and shared this Marriage Box poster on my Pinterest page (click here).

I thought it really expressed very well some universal truths about love – so I’m sharing it here too.

So many people think if it’s love, then everything should flow smoothly – no hiccups.

But even the best of relationships require putting in effort – where you make love a daily conscious habit.

John Gottman wrote about the 5 to 1 ratio of nice to nasty.  Meaning?

For every 1 challenging time (conflict) you need to have 5 loving gestures.

You need to put in the effort of what he calls “repair.”

Both people have to keep putting something into the relationship – for it to stay thriving.

Shortly after finding the Marriage Box, I found this next poster on Pinterest.

Yet Another Universal Truth About Love

timeless truth about love marriage relationships

This second universal truth about love seems to go together with the first quote poster, to even more fully express the truth about love.

I definitely agree that real love means accepting real people aren’t 100% perfect.

Many people “jump ship”/”jump relationship” far too easily/quickly.

However, I do feel the sentence about “in spite of their filthy heart” is up for some clarifying.

It depends on how filthy – and if the filth is ingrained into their character.

If someone is truly of “filthy character,” then you must protect yourself – and consider if they’re capable of change.

Otherwise, I do agree with the love sentiment here – that the more you get to know someone, the more you see their flaws.

This brings us to …

The 3rd Universal Truth About Love

timeless truths about marriage

This third poster – unlike the first 2 – is one I designed – because I loved this quote from John Green.

I very much agree with John Green when he says, “I don’t know any perfect people. Just really, really flawed people who are still worth loving.”

This is yet another important universal truth about love.

The truth: None of us are perfect. None of us are completely easy to be around.

Yet sometimes… we can find ourselves magnifying our partner’s flaws – while minimizing our own.

It’s yet another reminder that there’s no such thing as perfect people and perfect relationships. Yet we all are worthy of love. We are all what I call “flawesome.”

Which brings me to…

The 4th Universal Truth About Love

Timeless Truths About Marriage

My final universal truth about love is a reminder: We can have flaws – and still be awesome people just the same. Instead of making “perfection” a goal, we should be prioritizing learning and growth.

In fact, I believe that one of the 2 functions of a relationship is to serve as a “laboratory for growth.”

I write about this more in an article here.

The Cliff Notes on Timeless Truths About Marriage and Relationships:

  • A marriage and/or relationship offers many  “assignments” and “awakenings”  – encouraging you to learn lessons on how to become better able to love and be loved – and grow into your highest possible self!

Your goal is to find a partner (and be a partner) who is willing to stay committed past the infatuation phase – and willing to put in the work to grow – because you both know in your heart the relationship is worth the effort of fighting for it to work – rather than simply fighting at each other.

Oh by the way…

The fact that you read through these various timeless truths about marriage, relationships and love shows that you value learning and growing – which is a sign you’re on your way to creating a happy relationship.

I’m rooting for you!

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