5 Functional And Best Work Bags For Women 

Functional And Best Work Bags For Women If you find yourself holding a lot of stuff in both hands despite carrying a work bag, it only shows that it’s not doing its entire job.

Fortunately, there’s an easy fix. It’s time to replace the current one and shop for a bag that fits all your needs and preferences.

After all, your work bag should be your daily best friend that helps you get through the day.  

Whether you drive or commute to work, it’s crucial to bring a work bag that fits everything you need in it.  

Take stock of all the essentials you need to bring to work. These can be a laptop, tablet, smartphone, wallet, some files, notebooks, pens, and wallets. They should fit in a bag that manages to complement the professional look you’re going for.  

I created this article because I am an award winning designer with about 2 million books sold globally.

I love designs of all kinds – including fashion design. With this mind, I created this guide to help you explore the most functional and best work bags for stylish women in business.

5 Best Work Bags For Women

I wanted to save you the trouble of scouring the web, so here’s a list of the best work bags for women.

  • Von Baer CITY Laptop Bag 

CITY Laptop Bag from Von Baer

CITY Laptop Bag from Von Baer

The CITY Laptop Bag from Vonbaer.com is made of full grain leather.

Plus it has a 15.6-inch laptop size, durable cotton lining, and YKK zippers.

Handmade in Florence, Italy, and features a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap for added comfort. Measuring 38cm x 28cm x 7cm and weighing 1.2kg, this bag is perfect for business trips and work commutes. Buy from Von Baer

  • Cotton Canvas Tote Bag  

One of the things that define the best work bags for women is the type of material.

While it’s common to go for leather, you can’t go wrong with choosing a bag made of cotton canvas instead. This sustainable and durable fabric can create a tote bag that resists bumps and grinds while fitting all your work needs.

They’re very lightweight, so you won’t have to burden your shoulders despite standing for a long time while commuting in buses or trains. Cotton canvas tote bags also boast several compartments and pockets, making it easy for you to organize most of your contents tidily.  

The smaller pockets can hold your house keys, gum, spare coins, and work trinkets. Meanwhile, the larger compartments can accommodate your laptop and work files. There are also places for your water bottle if you bring one to the office. 

  • Transport Tote Bag  

A corporate woman usually travels a lot, whether they’re going to the office, meeting a client, or heading to a branch or headquarters. If you have to do this every now and then, it’s essential to choose a transport tote bag. These professional work bags are designed to hold and carry all your heavy work items on the go.  

Choose one in a size that can hold your laptop, wallet, and other bulky essentials. No matter what’s in your bag, it can keep it safe wherever you go.  

Transport tote bags suit your daily work and business trips, making them a worthwhile investment for all busy ladies out there.

  • System Tote Bag  

Any modern working woman should have a system tote bag in their bag collection. One of its features many women love is its sleek, minimalist appeal

System tote bags have sturdy straps connected to the body, making them a nifty one-piece product. Because they’re made with leather, you can rest easy knowing that they will last almost a lifetime. 

Despite the hefty initial investment, this sturdy bag doesn’t fail to earn many users’ hearts. In fact, it holds the spot as one of the best work bags in the modern era. As for its structure and aesthetics, it looks modern yet basic at the same time. This makes it pairable with any work outfit, whether you’re going for something formal, casual, or smart casual.

  • Flat Bottom Tote Bag  

One of the strengths of this work bag is the flat bottom feature. This makes the shape of the bag secure and fixed. Many users see it as one of the best work bags for women because it never deforms and continues to stand up on its own. No matter the contents, it will continue to make your work bag look professional and sturdy. 

They’re great to carry to many events and occasions, including flights. Go for a dark-colored bag, as it can fit any work outfit in your wardrobe. Plus, dark stains can simply sink into the dark shade. This bag also has comfortable and padded shoulder straps you can adjust according to your height and size.

Ready To Get One Of The Best Work Bags For Women?

And there you have the last selections for the best work bags to keep an eye out for. Depending on the nature of your job and your needs, you can narrow down your options by considering this list. Of course, there’s much more to choose from. But if you don’t know where to start, try these out first.

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