Best Ways To Bring Color Into Your Home

How to Bring Color into Your HomeRead on to find a few clever ways to bring more color into your home so it feels bright, inviting, and comfortable. 

Bringing color into your home can be a bit of a tricky task. If you do too little, the color will be barely noticeable, but if you do too much, your room or house can end up looking like a carnival attraction very quickly. 

Basically, you must know how to bring in color and keep it balanced so you brighten your house while keeping it stylish and chic.  And I’m here to help!

As you might know I’m an award winning designer – who personally produces the style and look of all of my bestselling books and groundbreaking video courses and inspiring life quotes.

Well, I also love home design! I’ve already shared some of the home decorating tips I used to make our home here in New York feel cozy and fun – in this article here.

But coming up I will sharing some ways to bring color into your home and make it feel bright and cozy.

9 Ways To Bring Color Into Your Home

1. Art

There is no easier way to add a pop of color than to add a few pieces of art to your house. This can range from paintings to sculptures and even a few ornate table cloths. Art is great for two main reasons; you have endless options, and it almost doesn’t matter where it goes. 

One of the best ways to transform a bland room is to add a few pieces of art to a neutral wall or space. This means you don’t have to change any of your furniture or paint colors, and you can mix and match the art whenever you please. 

2. Cushions

Cushions are another affordable and easy way to add pops of color to your home. You can place them in the living room, bedroom, dining room, and around the house. Once again, there are only a couple of fun rules you should remember. 

If you have a more neutral house, pick cushion colors that match each other, not the room. This will allow you to have different colors around your house that are still cohesive and have a theme. The second rule is to not be afraid to experiment with patterns either; nothing is off-limits. 

3. Accent Walls

If you want to elevate your living space, you can opt for accent walls to add colors. Accent walls are incredibly popular for adding color to a room as they create the perfect balance that keeps the space’s aesthetic.

Pick a wall in a room and paint it the color of your choice, then add a few accessories around the room that complement that color. Painting one wall and using accessories to enhance it will stop you from going too far and adding far too much color. 

4. Focal Points

A design secret that can be used to add color to a house is using focal points in rooms. A focal point can be anything from an interesting piece of furniture to a fireplace or piece of art that you have. 

Considering this focal point will already be something that is big and eye-catching, adding some color to it will light up the room and create interesting contrast throughout the space. 

5. Plants

Best Ways To Bring Color Into Your HomeIf you want some serious natural colors in your home, then look no further than house plants.

Considering you can get plants in a multitude of colors, they are the best way to get some bright pops of oranges, reds, and greens, as well as bring a more natural feel to a space. 

There is also no rule when it comes to the number of plants you should have; you can either have one big plant in your living room or several smaller ones scattered about; find what works for you and your space. 

6. Seasonal Accessories

If you want to add dimension and constantly change your space, using seasonal accessories and accents will give you a new look and feel as the seasons change. You can change your curtains, cushions, linen, and whatever else you want, as the seasons change. 

For Summer, choose light greens and bright shades of pink and peach;  for Spring, opt for pastels; Autumn is perfect yellow, oranges, and browns, while Winter is perfect warm tones. 

7. Wallpaper

Wallpaper can be used instead of paint if you want to add even more dimension to a room. You can take the route of wallpapering half of the wall horizontally with something colorful and bright and then use the neutral half of the wall to balance it out. 

What is great about this idea is that it can work in every room of your house, and you can also choose wallpapers that complement each other instead of matching each other. 

8. Neutral Balance

Best Ways To Bring Color Into Your HomeIf you don’t want to add a lot of color to your space, but you still want that pop color creates, the best option is to use neutrals that will accentuate the color. Put colorful art on a blank wall, or put colorful cushions on a neutral couch. 

This contrast will make even the smallest amount of color stand out, no matter where it is or which room it is in.

9. Refurbish Vintage Furniture

If you want to forego buying new furniture or accessories to add color, you can go the more simple route by giving old furniture new life. Wood furniture is particularly easy to clean up, strip and repaint. 

This is also something that can be done more than once or even yearly if you want. Paint is cheap, and you don’t have to be a master artist to repaint a table or chair. Follow the instructions on the paint can, have the right brushes available, and use YouTube for tutorials if you get stuck. 

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