6 Ways to Get Back On Track When Struggling to Make Progress on Goals

6 Ways to Get Back On Track When Struggling to Make Progress on GoalsHaving goals is great, but if you don’t hit the targets you set for yourself, it can be frustrating and make you feel bad about yourself. If you can relate to this, then you should stick around.

I’m about to lay down some helpful advice on realigning your priorities so you can start reaching your goals faster.

As you might already know, I’m a Master Mindset Coach, and a bestselling wellness author with about 2 million books sold globally.

Plus I founded the therapist recommended Stop Emotional Eating Course.

I love sharing tips to help people live their healthiest and most successful life. With this in mind here are some ways to stay on track with making progress on your goals.

6 Ways To Get Back On Track Making Progress on Goals

Live your best life by following these ways to get back on track with progress on your goals.

1. Reconnect with your original ambitions

At the start of a journey towards a goal, much of the momentum comes from the motivation you have to reach the end point as it’s so fresh and present in your mind. But as time passes, we can forget what we’re working towards, let alone why.

The simple act of stepping away, taking stock and thinking deeply about those initial ambitions and intentions that compelled you to take action in the first place can be reinvigorating.

2. Compartmentalize & adjust

Having a singular, far-off target to aim for isn’t always helpful. If possible, break down the steps you’ll take to reach this point into their own goals, so that you can enjoy lots of mini-victories throughout the days and weeks to come.

Likewise if you find that a goal is perpetually out of reach, reassess where you stand and adjust your ambitions accordingly. Some things are unachievable, and appreciating this sooner rather than later will save you from wasting any more energy on them, and help you reframe your thinking.

3. Seek assistance

Pride often prevents us from asking others to help us in important endeavors. But friends, family and colleagues are there to support us, so it’s foolish to ignore the availability of such a valuable resource.

4. Book a class or course

Our minds are amazing things, and if you’re facing a mental block, a reset is helpful. For example, you can study German on Lingoda and stretch your cognitive legs in new and unique ways, which will likely open the door to inspiration in other areas.

Or you can sign up for a range of personal development courses.

Taking a class or course, whether in person or virtually, doesn’t just have to be done for its own sake. Rather it should be seen as a step that enriches you as a person, and prepares you for other challenges as well.

5. Set deadlines

Sometimes the thing that holds us back from progressing towards a goal is not having a specific timeframe within which we intend to achieve it.

Not everyone enjoys deadlines, but for some people they are vital, or else there’s no motivation to even get started on a project, let alone to complete it.

As with the goal itself, the deadlines you pick have to be realistic, or else they’ll fly by and you’ll feel disappointed and frustrated without good reason. Using time management apps is also handy.

6. Get creative with overcoming limitations

Often it’s external elements that make our goals unattainable, or at least they seem to. We all have lots of excuses as to why we can’t do a thing, whether that’s because our schedules are already overflowing with duties, or our bank balance isn’t big enough to turn an idea into a reality.

Rather than shrugging and shaking your head at the unfairness of it all, try to work out what you can do within the limitations you’re faced with. You never know, you might come up with a way to overcome them altogether. Adversity breeds ingenuity, after all.

Wrapping up: Get Back On Track Making Progress on Goals

Your goals shouldn’t feel like a burden that’s crushing you down, but rather like a force that’s pulling you forward and fuelling you.

If you do get disgruntled, patience and perspective are your most powerful allies. Go easy on yourself, and the rest will follow.

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