How To Do A Tea Ceremony: A Simple, Silent Meditation To De-Stress

how to do a tea ceremonyIf you want to de-stress, you’ll love learning how to do a tea ceremony – which is a simple and silent meditation.

You can do a Tea Ceremony 2 ways

  • alone as a tea party for your mind
  • in a group setting

Below I focus mainly on how to host this mindfulness meditation in solitude.

I am sneaking you this tea ceremony info from inside my bestselling meditation guide, Instant Calm.

This tea ceremony is one of a range of simple meditations from Instant Calm, which you can easily do in 3 minutes or less – to reduce stress – and boost calm, confidence, and joy.

What Is A Tea Ceremony?

I’m not the first to recommend tea as a silent taste meditation.  

The Japanese have been recommending tea as an opportunity for meditation for eons —in the form of Tea Ceremonies.

These Japanese Tea Ceremonies Are Called “Ichi-go ichi-e”

The Japanese tea ceremony is famously summed up by the Zen phrase “ichi-go ichi-e,” which means “one time, one meeting.”

This phrase is meant to remind us that there’s beauty and uniqueness to be found in the present moment.

And that this moment will never come again—so you should give it your complete awareness and appreciation.

I’m excited to help you to maintain an “ichi-go ichi-e” mindset with the help of this simple and silent meditation.

how to do a tea ceremony for oneHow To Do A Tea Ceremony for One

When you’re done hosting this tea ceremony for yourself, you will start to view “tea” as “Tranquili-Tea.”

Here’s how to sip your way calm.

1. Select a relaxing tea.

I recommend the following 3 teas—which doubly relax you—because of their ingredients.

Chamomile tea:

Known to reduces stress and anxiety, plus treat insomnia. I use this one.

Lemon Balm:

Reported to reduce the stress hormone called cortisol—plus relax without drowsiness. I love this one.

Green Tea:

Its “polyphenol” helps combat anxiety. Although green tea does contains caffeine, it’s said to be “adaptogenic in nature”—so it keeps your mind alert—while calming you.  I recommend this one.

how to host a tea ceremony for one2. Make your tea in mindfulness.  

Practice the philosophy of “ichi-go ichi-e” (“one time, one meeting”). Breathe and become fully present in the moment. Remind yourself that this moment will never come again, so you should give it your full attention and respect.

3. Admire the color.

Become aware of the journey the tea took from being a leaf on a tree to your simple and silent meditation.

4. Give thanks

Thank the tea for sharing its leaves, beauty and medicinal properties, in order to give you this calming meditation.

5. Drink your tea with mindfulness—with very small sips.

Savor the flavor. Become aware the temperature of the tea. Notice the change of the tea’s flavor as it first enters then leaves your mouth. Do not allow thoughts to wander outside of the taste of tea. If/when your thoughts wander, bring them back to the taste of the tea.

6. End with gratitude.

Thank the tea once again for giving you this calming break.

Bonus Tea Relaxation Tip

Tea bags make excellent aromatherapy satchels for drawers and closets. I particularly love the smell of Earl Grey – which is actually the same beautiful smell as Bergamot.

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