Can You Benefit From Online Therapy? If So, What Are You Waiting For?

online therapyThere are many benefits to online therapy – which is why it’s quickly becoming a popular model for support for both young people and older people.

Virtual counseling is helpful if you are suffering with depression, anxiety – or any type of mental health and emotional issues.

I myself offer virtual coaching – my Mindset Mastery Coaching. For the last few decaded I’ve been helping people with their relationships, happiness, anxiety, binge eating etc.

My clients have told me that they love doing virtual therapy with me and find it hugely beneficial. 

Basically, online therapy gives them the option to talk to someone, in a private way, at a time that is good for them – without having to leave their home. (Note: There are also places like LifeStance virtual therapy which help folks with deeper mental health issues.) 

In fact, my clients have told me that they see 3 big benefits to online counseling.

The 3 Main Benefits of Online Therapy

1. It is convenient and can be done to suit you

online therapyVirtual therapy is easily accessible – which is especially helpful if…

  • you have mobility issues
  • do not feel comfortable traveling
  • you have geographical issue (aka: you live in rural or remote areas.)
  • feel uneasy speaking face to face in an office

Some people find it intimidating to open up to someone face to face – in person. It can feel as if their feelings are being magnified. 

Online talk therapy overcomes each of those barriers that may stop others from seeking therapy.

2. It is done by your terms

Online therapy is convenient for you – because…

  • it’s scheduled at a time that suits you best – very early or very late or on weekends
  • you can do it in your pajamas or sitting with your dog on your lap
  • there’s no need to work about traffic jams

online therapyBoth the therapist and the patient have the convenience of talking with each other at many varying times. Whether that’s on a morning before work or on an evening when you’re winding down.

This style of therapy can take away the hassle of scheduling and setting appointments the traditional way. Plus you don’t have to worry about traffic to and from. My District Counseling makes telehealth counseling easy because it adheres to your schedule and is all done online.

It also allows you to have the power in your hands. If you wish to do this on a weekend but know that you have the kids, you can schedule the call before they even get up. Then you have still have a chance to speak to your therapist.  You can even sit down, with your dog on your lap, and have a cup of tea – all at the same time! 

3. The price is more attractive

karen salmansohn quoteWeb counseling is known to be a little better for those with financial struggles. It is not as expensive as traditional counseling. Why? Because it is generally better for the therapist or life coach too. They do not need to pay out for office rental and traveling expenses. 

So overall, it is lowering overhead costs of capital, property, commuting and administration which means that the price is lowered and the money can be focused purely on the therapy itself. 

I know that’s why I price my 1-on-1 virtual counseling with attractive rates.

Mental health should not affect your life and career.

You must stay on top of your mental health.

And you must give yourself time to heal and time to implement new skills.

Your time is now. Online therapy could be the start of a better future. 

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