How to Be an Effective Leader

How to Be an Effective LeaderIf you want to be an effective leader, you need to both lead by example and listen to those around you – plus embrace important key habits and core values. Read on…

Leadership comes in a variety of forms depending upon who is the leader and who is the audience. The concept of leadership may even take on different forms, depending upon where one is in life.

I love this topic of leadership – so I decided to write an article with helpful insights on how to sharpen your leadership skills!

In case you’re new to my site, I am a bestselling author, entrepreneur of online video courses and online marketing consultant.

But I used to work in advertising – in New York City’s top ad agencies. I held positions as everything from a low level copywriter to Senior Vice President Creative Director.

In this article I will be sharing tips how to become an outstanding leader in whatever field you are in.

How to Be an Effective Leader

No matter the circumstances, a good leader leads by example and listens to those around them. That being said, there are always ways to become a better leader.

1. Learn From Others

There is always somebody out there that has more experience or industry knowledge than you. Look to the experts like Jozef Opdeweegh to help guide you on your way to excellence in leadership for the benefit of your business. Read about these influential and successful executives to glean their not-so-secret tips for becoming a more effective leader within your company. Sometimes a different perspective is all that you need to realize that another approach to the same issue may earn you better results.

2. Find Your Mentor

Even if you’re at the top of your proverbial game and you’ve been learning from the experts, finding your mentor can prove beneficial. You’ll have opportunities to see how someone else has achieved success and learn from their wisdom and mistakes along the way. Having a mentor is a way of networking, as well. Whether your mentor is in your career field or another business avenue, the methodology of leadership and success generally have the same building blocks. There is always something to be learned, regardless of the industry. 

3. Become A Mentor

Should you be approached with a request to become a mentor for someone else, consider it. You’ll be able to share your wealth of experience, knowledge, and even failures with another generation. While offering mentorship and guidance is certainly beneficial for the mentee, you’ll reap rewards, too. By discussing your leadership style, work ethic, and general business acumen you’ll gain valuable insights into your inner workings. This will undoubtedly lead to self-reflection and a deep dive into what you do and why you do it. By mentoring another you’ll be leading in a one-on-one capacity that translates lessons for your larger staff at work.

4. Sit and Listen

As an effective leader, sometimes it is vital to take a step back, quiet your voice, and listen to those around you. Take a walk through your office space. If you happen to work virtually, hop onto whatever platform your staff use to communicate and be present but silent. Take in what others are saying in those environments. If patterns of concern emerge, you’ll have a valuable opportunity to investigate further and ask questions. Other times, silence as a leader means inviting your employees to come to you with questions, concerns, and opportunities or ideas for innovation. When you open your door and your ears to those that you rely on for success, new growth can occur.

Leaders don’t magically appear.

They put in the work and achieve success because of that work. They are not omniscient. Those in charge are not the only employees. They surround themselves with others who are experts in their respective knowledge base or fields as they cannot possess all of the necessary information themselves. There simply isn’t enough time in a day. Leaders delegate and compartmentalize as needed to get the jobs done effectively and efficiently. They keep their doors open for the flow of communication so that when problems do arise, they are received and addressed. You can do the same. To be an effective leader, lead by example and never stop learning.

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