How To Use Journaling As a Powerful Stress Management Tool

How To Use Journaling As a Powerful Stress Management Tool

Writing in a journal is more than just fun way to remember your thoughts and experiences. Studies show that keeping a journal is a helpful stress management tool. Read on…

I love journaling.

I feel I write more from the heart when I’m holding a felt tip in my hand – rather than typing on a keyboard.

Plus… Sometimes it feels better not to talk. About anything. To anyone.

It’s freeing just to sit quietly with pen in hand, and write it all out in a journal.

I think of journaling as “taking selfies of my soul.”

Studies report how keeping a journal is not ONLY a highly helpful happiness booster – but can boost your health, as well!

Research On Stress Reducing Benefits Of Journaling…

University of California researchers divided participants into three groups.

  • The first wrote once a week in a journal about five awesome things they were grateful for.
  • The second described five daily hassles.
  • The third listed five random events.

A Powerful Stress Reliever: Journaling [research]The results?

Those in the first journal group who wrote about things they were grateful about, wound up reporting MORE of the following benefits:

  • an increase in happiness
  • optimism about their future
  • reduction in stress
  • improvement in health problems

In Summary:

Keeping a gratitude journal can be very beneficial to reducing stress. And even improving health.

But – writing about gratitude is not the only effective way to journal.

You can also use a journal to whine and complain!

Here’s 2nd way to journal to reduce stress

How To Use Journaling As a Powerful Stress Management ToolResearch shows that it’s very beneficial to people’s moods to honestly write from your heart about all the stressful stuff things on your mind.

The Cliff Notes:

Research reports that when you take all the stressful thoughts that you’ve been keeping bottled up, and spill them onto paper, you wind up feeling better!

Basically, you release the stress out of your system – and out of your “overthinking brain.”

As a result, you’re better able to stop obsessing!


  • It’s hard to hear insights when your mind is busy and noisy.
  • Insights mainly come when when your mind is still and quiet.

Stress Reducing Journal Assignment:

A Powerful Stress Reliever: Journaling [research]

Take 5 minutes daily to journal!

Try do a little bit of both the above suggestions.

Regularly write a list of 5 things you’re grateful for having in your life.

Plus, when you’re upset, whine and complain in the privacy of your journal.

If you’re whining into your journal, be sure  to end on a positive note.

How? After you’re done your rant, write at the top of any empty page: “Insights” and “Solutions.”

Then write out positive steps you can take to improve your situation.

If you journal regularly, you’ll quickly realize how journaling can be a highly powerful key to releasing stress – and gaining insights and solutions to your challenges.

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