5 Reasons Why Quality Early Child Care Is Important

5 Reasons Why Quality Early Child Care Is ImportantIf you’re a mom or dad who works, then you will appreciate knowing these 5 reasons why quality early child care is so important to explore.

For many working parents, it’s a sad fact that they can’t be with their children all day every day. The result: 23.4% of children under five attend an organized care facility, such as a daycare or nursery.

If your child is part of that statistic, listen up!

Choosing quality child care is important for more reasons than you might think.

No worries. I’m here to help!

Coming up I will show you reasons early child care matters so much.

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So that’s why I put together this article on the importance of early child care.

5 Reasons Why Quality Early Child Care Is Important

Here are the top five reasons to look into child care!

1. Brain Development

Babies and young children are always learning. Their brains are still developing, and they work extra hard during the first three years of life to form the cognitive abilities and neural pathways that they need.

Quality child care is nurturing, individualized, and predictable. These aspects form the foundation of child development. With the right attention and positive experiences, children will grow up with healthy, well-developed brains.

2. Social and Communication Skills

Social and language skills blossom from interaction with many people. The more language they hear, the better their skills will be. It’s also important for children to begin developing relationships—both with peers and adults.

You can be sure your child will develop social and communication skills by looking for these in your daycare:

  • Small groups. There should be no more than eight children in a single group
  • Low adult-to-child ratio. One staff member should be present for every four infants and toddlers to ensure they get the right care
  • Consistency. Your child needs practice to learn well—make sure caregivers and activities are steady

You can learn more signs of a great daycare at Child Care Aware.

3. Improved Health

Spending time outside of their home is one way that children can develop a healthy immune system. Exposure to certain allergens and microbes can teach young bodies how to better fight off diseases. It also helps them create a healthy microbiome.

Playing outside and getting good exercise—which a quality daycare will provide—is another great method to boost a child’s immune system.

However, make sure that your daycare follows adequate cleanliness guidelines and promotes hand washing for all ages!

4. School Readiness

A quality child daycare is much more than supervised playtime; it should follow a curriculum that prepares your child for school. It will improve their reading and math skills, as well as encourage curiosity and a love of learning.

School readiness also improves confidence and sets your child up for a brighter future.

5. Happiness and Fun

With quality care, your child will develop the skills they need to develop and perform better emotionally, physically, and socially. All of these contribute to overall happiness!

Plus, structured activities and individualized attention from a quality child caregiver will fill your child’s day with fun. They may not always remember their days in child care, but the positive attitude they learn there will follow them forever.

Explore Quality Early Child Care Today

Quality child care is important for your child’s development and happiness. If you’re raising a child, don’t just find a babysitter—find care that will set your child up for long-term success!

If you found this article helpful, you’re in luck. There are plenty more posts about parenting advice and more on this site! Start exploring now to discover all the tips and tricks you need to make parenting easier.

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