How to Stay Healthy While Working or Learning from Home

How to Stay Healthy While Working or Learning from HomeMany of us are working or learning from home so here are tips for how to stay healthy without leaving your house or apartment!

At the start of last year, work from home was new to many people. Eventually, “doing everything from home” quickly became the only option. Indeed, schools were also forced to close their doors and quickly transition to virtual learning.

Now many businesses have seen the value in this design and have maintained the policy.

But what about the value to the employees?

There are many things to gain from the work from home lifestyle. But some working people have found it difficult to prioritize health and wellness without having the structure in their day of having to go to the office. Plus students have also reported difficulty maintaining routine in a virtual world.

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Stay Healthy While Working or Learning from Home

Coming up below I will be sharing some helpful home centered suggestions for how to create and maintain a wellness routine that pairs with your new normal.

Identify your Resources

Before the pandemic you might not have thought to investigate the wellness options available to you through work or school. You had your own routine and your own care team in place. However now out of necessity it is essential to your health that you take advantage of any resources available to you.

Funding for student wellness has historically been a low budget item. But with the pandemic increasing needs for telehealth solutions and mental health support – now colleges are developing ways to increase care for their students.

Telehealth gives students, and work from home candidates, the opportunity to schedule appointments that do not require being physically present. This is a great development – specifically for those who were previously involved in a doctor-based health routine. Having the resource available to continue their care provides great support and reassurance. But it is important not to stop there. We need to keep raising funds and awareness for student wellness.

Keep It Moving

“Sitting is the new smoking” is a phrase repeated a lot lately in the corporate and distance learning circles. With people now at a higher risk for sedentary related health issues, it’s key that you stay moving throughout the day. Giving yourself breaks from your desk (for even ten minutes at a time) can greatly reduce your risk for health – plus increase productivity.

Identify Triggers

Each of us has our own unique set of challenges that stand in the way of our wellness. Given the wide range of ways to become physically and emotionally stressed, it is important to identify your personal setbacks so that you can conduct targeted research when looking for solutions to burnout and work/school overload.

Especially in a world that is now heavily lacking physical human interaction, being introspective and honest with yourself about what creates physical or emotional anxieties in your life is essential. You might be relieved to discover that many of these triggers have a variety of solutions that both center around wellness as well as ease of implementation. Creating balance and calm in your life does not have to feel like an emotional Mt. Everest.

Be Your Healthiest You

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