What Does It Mean to Detox Your Body?

detoxify your bodyIf you’re not feeling well, you might need to detox your body. Unsure what that means or how to do it? Read on for this helpful guide to detoxifying.

Detoxification and cleansing are growing trends in the health and wellness industry today, and for good reason.

Many people are becoming aware of just how many toxins they are constantly exposed to on a daily basis.

These environmental toxins can be greatly harmful to our health and longevity, as shared in my bestselling book Life is Long.

However, detoxification is something that must be done properly – and with care. If we are not mindful, we run the risk of harming our health – instead of improving it.

What is Detoxification?

Simply put, Detoxification, or detox, refers to the process of removing toxins from the body.

A toxin is a substance that is harmful to our health, such as:

  • pesticides
  • herbicides
  • preservatives
  • toxic heavy metals
  • molds
  • other environmental toxins

How Do We Get Exposed to Toxins?

Toxins enter the body from a number of sources:

When toxins build up in the body, it creates “toxic load.”

What is toxic load?

Toxic load refers to the building up of toxins and chemicals in our bodies.

We can absorb and ingest these toxins in a variety of ways.

Each person has a different toxic load – based on the amount of toxins they have built up in their body.

The Goal of Detoxification:

  • eliminate toxins from the body
  • reduce our toxic load
  • improve our health

How Does Detoxification Work?

Detoxification is mainly carried out by the liver.

Basically, everything that we consume is first filtered through the liver. The liver is a very impressive organ. It performs over 500 different tasks for the body. The neutralization and detoxification of toxic substances is one of the liver’s primary roles.

Unfortunately, the liver can become overwhelmed if our toxic load is too high. This can lead to improper liver function, which can result in a number of negative health issues.

Health issues caused by toxins:

  • high blood pressure/high cholesterol
  • low energy
  • poor metabolism
  • excess weight gain

For this reason, one of the best ways to support the body’s detoxification is to focus on detoxifying and restoring the health of the liver.


You must focus on dietary and lifestyle factors that limit the amount of toxins we take in daily.

Ways to limit toxic exposure:

Basically, you must make it a priority to limit your toxin intake –  through healthy lifestyle practices – like those above.

When you remove toxins which have built up in your body, you need to do so carefully. You need to be sure you remove the toxins in your body in a careful way. For example, you might want to explore a carefully formulated detox supplement – one which contains mineral and herbal based formulas.

Top toxins to cleanse from your body:

  • Parasites
  • Heavy Metals
  • Liver Toxins
  • Fungus
  • Bad Bacteria

How To Avoid Toxins & Heal the Body

Taking herbal supplements that gently support the detoxification process can be very helpful. But the most important factor for detoxification is to avoid exposure to toxic substances in the first place.

It is not possible to truly detox if we keep exposing ourselves to toxins. So do your best to educate yourself on what you consume or breathe or allow your skin to absorb.

Avoid substances loaded with…

  • toxic chemicals
  • preservatives
  • pesticides
  • genetically modified ingredients

The body has a natural tendency toward healing and repairing itself when it is no longer affected by harmful toxins and is given the proper nutrients to heal. For this reason, it is important to nourish your body with the proper nutrients during or after a detox – depending on the type of detox that you do.

Main types of detoxification cleanses:

  • liver detoxes
  • parasite detoxes
  • heavy metal detoxes
  • water fasts
  • juice cleanses
  • smoothie cleanses

Each one offers different goals and results (plus different levels of safety and effectiveness).

You should never simply follow the latest detox trend. Instead you should know what it is you are doing when you detox. Be aware of what detoxification actually is, and what it is you are detoxing. I

Plus, it’s also recommended that you follow gentle and proven methods of detoxification that do not put too much stress on the body. This is especially important if you are new to detoxification or have no nutritional/medical background.

In Summary

Detoxification is important for health. But you want to make sure you are detoxing safely and effectively – so you can actually improve your health – one day at a time.

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