Ways to Make the Tax Filing Process Simpler 

Ways to Make the Tax Filing Process Simpler 

It’s time to breathe a little easier, because you’re about to learn some ways ot make the tax filing process simpler.

Taxes cannot be avoided. And if you don’t plan ahead, your annual tax load may be incredibly unanticipated.

If you’re like the majority of taxpayers and you get paid a salary, you don’t have to pay income taxes quarterly.

Even if you receive additional income like interest and dividends, the income tax withheld from your paycheck takes care of all of your tax obligations.

But if you’re at the anticipated income tax rate, you have to make sure you pay all of your expenses on time. No worries – I’m here to help you to stay calm and help you to make your tax filing simpler.

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This article explores how to make sure your tax filing process feels simple and doable.

Tips to Make the Tax Filing Process Simpler

There are times when the numbers are unclear and you are under time pressure when figuring taxes. The anticipated tax payment calculator can be your best bet in these tough times. An internet tool or software program like this one helps taxpayers effectively fulfill their tax obligations.

Prior to beginning, it’s essential to be aware of your projected income tax liability. As a self-employed person, you may be required to make tax payments in four installments rather than a single payment. When you estimate your income and base your tax payment on that sum, you are said to be paying “estimated taxes.”

The following are a few more ideas to help you comprehend these taxes

Using the annualized method, the anticipated tax would be paid in four equal quarterly installments if your income remained constant throughout the year and no withholding was applied to you.

Use the annualized income technique and submit Form D-2210 with it if the majority of your income is received later in the year. The actual percentage of revenue earned can be used to determine taxes owed through the annualized income approach.

IRS Form D-2210 can provide excellent benefits, but should only be completed if it’s in your best interest. However, if most of your income is earned toward the end of the year, using the annualized income approach when completing Form D-2210 can be advantageous.

It’s important to pay taxes on income as soon as it’s received, rather than waiting until the following April to file. If planned payments are made on time and the amount still due at the end of the year is less than $100, there will be no penalties. It’s time to learn about the payment alternatives after you’ve improved your experience: A means of making projected tax payments.

There are several options available to you for paying your estimated taxes

One way to prepay estimated taxes for the upcoming year is by using an overpayment from a previous tax return. Rather than receiving a refund, it’s possible to defer some or all of the overpayment to cover the following year’s first quarter tax liability.

If you used the anticipated tax payments calculator to determine quarterly payments and printed payment vouchers, it’s necessary to return the voucher and payment to the IRS by the deadline.

Electronic money withdrawal is another simple way to pay quarterly estimated taxes. 

Your bank account will be automatically debited using this method for quarterly payments. You can carry out this action in TaxAct. In addition to payment by check or money order, the IRS accepts credit and debit card payments over the phone and online at irs.gov, although this method incurs an additional convenience fee from your bank. The Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) is a free online payment option that simplifies making quarterly estimated tax payments. 

To use EFTPS, it’s important to plan ahead and not wait until the last minute to set it up or use it. If you need assistance calculating your taxable income, the IRS provides the 1040-ES 2021 Estimated Tax Worksheet, which is a lengthy document that includes instructions and a form to help you accurately determine the amount owed.

If you received a raise or landed a higher-paying job this year, it’s necessary to calculate the tax owed on the adjusted income by first determining your taxable income. All exclusions or deductions should be deducted from your total income. 

Next, determine your tax bracket to see how much tax you must pay.

As soon as you have calculated your overall tax liability, deduct it from the anticipated amount of taxes you will owe for the year. Make sure you’ve signed up for independent contractor health insurance. Self employment tax, often known as SECA taxes, is an additional tax that self-employed people must pay to cover Medicare and Social Security taxes. 

Using a Online 1099 Tax Calculator

There may be advantages and disadvantages to using tax software or a 1099 tax calculator, some of which are as follows: Calculations can be performed without a pen and paper – When you are prepared to file your federal income tax return, click here. 

Should I Request a Tax Payment Extension?

Given the hefty penalties for failing to file by the April deadline, asking for an extension is a smart decision if you anticipate missing it. You can get help from a tax professional or a calculator for estimated tax payments if you’re unsure how to file your extension.

In conclusion: Make the  tax filing process simpler

Filing taxes can occasionally be a difficult task. But the IRS won’t take into account the errors’ root causes. To avoid tiny inconsistencies and their effects, one must rely on efficient tools and other sources of support. 

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