7 Simple But Effective Natural Skin Care Tips

7 Simple But Effective Natural Skin Care TipsI’m committed to feeling and looking young –  with the help of simple  natural, and effective skin care tips. Read on…

Healthy, glowing skin is a lifelong goal for most women. Countless anti aging products are released each year to help women transform their appearance.

Thankfully, it’s possible to improve the appearance of your skin without spending a fortune on cosmetics.

If you’re new to my site, hi there! I’m a late in life mom, who had a miracle baby at age 50. I’m now 60 – and doing my best to feel and look as young as possible – so I blend in with the other moms at my son’s school.

With this in mind, I went on a research spree, and read piles of research on aging, nutrition, skin care, longevity, health and nutrition. I morphed all the cutting edge knowledge I learned into a bestselling longevity book, Life is Long.

In this article I share 7 skin care tips I recommend to keep your skin looking amazing.

1. Hydrate

Increase your water intake to help improve the appearance of your skin. Did you know that by drinking just two cups of water each day you can increase the blood flow in your body which creates more radiant skin?

Drinking more water is one of the essential ways to rid your body of toxins. Once those toxins are removed, the skin looks more beautiful giving it an unmistakable glow.

When you don’t drink enough water, you risk the skin looking puffy. The skin holds onto extra water to protect you from getting dehydrated.

Staying hydrated means less swellness or a look of redness in your face.

2. Sun Protection

The sun impacts different skin tones differently. If you’re of European descent, your skin is far more sensitive to the sun than other brown skinned people.

Fair skinned people from this group need a higher amount of sun protection which is marked on a product by its SPF. Think SPF 30 or higher if you have fair skin or tend to sunburn easily. While Revive suggests finding a cream that could relieve sunburn on the go.

Brown skinned groups of people should aim for SPF 15 or higher when possible. While research shows melanin does provide it’s own protection from the sun it’s not as strong a barrier as you think.

Guard against the myth that people of color don’t require sunblock. You should wear sunblock whenever in direct sunlight to avoid the tiny amounts of damage from UV rays in the sun.

These rays damage the skin at the cellular level resulting in premature aging. It might not be as noticeable at first if your skin is a darker brown, but over a period of time you’ll start to notice marks called sun spots.

Wrinkles are also a common side effect of too much unprotected sun once you reach a certain age.

3. Improve Your Diet

The foods you eat create what shows on the outside. Foods that make your systems work in overtime can make the skin look tired and drained.

Cultures around the world have eaten spicy dishes as a way to build the immune system and ward off disease. But if you aren’t from one of these cultures, your body might not be set up for spicy food every day.

The universal diet for glowing skin is whole fruits and vegetables. Aim for dark leafy greens to increase the iron in your blood.

More iron means an improvement in circulation in the body. Some experts even suggest a multivitamin if you aren’t sure you’re getting enough nutrients from your food.

Things like leaky gut prevent the body from absorbing the nutrients from your food because of too much sugar in the diet. When you have a leaky gut, not all of the nutrients from you food are absorbed from your bowels into your body.

4. Sweat Regularly

Want fantastic skin? Dance till you sweat.

The combination of fun and endorphins gives your skin that glow afterwards. Dancing for exercise is a great idea because it also gets other people involved.

Social connection boosts endorphins as well so spread the love with friends while you improve the appearance of your skin. Sweat accelerates the cleansing process inside your body so it removes toxins faster.

5. Go To Sleep

There’s nothing more on TV. There’s nothing you should be reading.

Put down the laundry, the dishrag, or the laptop. Once the hour reaches 10pm it’s time for your to get some sleep.

The body needs ample rest to avoid that sagging look. When your mind gets too busy at night, it’s hard to fall asleep comfortably.

Skip the news and the ‘few more minutes of work’ and just go to bed. You won’t need alternative dermatitis treatments to help your skin in the morning.

6. Monitor Your Mattress

The quality of your skin and sleep can be impacted by your mattress quality. A mattress with poor quality springs, for example, is more likely to cause you to wake up throughout the night.

Try rotating your mattress to avoid any sagging spots. These spots won’t support your back causing you to wake up with back pain.

No exercise is ever recommended with a back injury. The second thing to look out for with old mattresses is dust mites. These can cause rashes on the skin if the area around your bed is too dusty.

Make sure you’re using a mattress cover on any mattress you choose. If the itching doesn’t go away after putting on a mattress cover, it’s time to buy a new mattress.

7. Transition Your Skin

Your skin wants to keep up a daily routine, too. Many people forget to transition their skin back into daily life after you workout, go swimming or being out in the sun too long.

The skin has been in an activity that changed it’s state in some way. These are critical times to help restore the skin to normal.

You’ll need to go through your normal skin care regimen of washing, toning and moisturizing to get your skin back on track. Some brands offer moisturizers with aloe which is a wonderful option after you’ve been in bright sunlight.

Simple Skin Care Tips

Skin care tips that include specific products are usually selling you more than you came for. The most common sense ways to improve the appearance of your skin are where your opportunity lies. These simple skin care tips help you avoid having to reverse things like sun spots in the first place.

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