Make It a Group Date Night: 5 Exciting Options

group date nightGroup date night never fails to be fun and exciting. Here are a few ideas to help make your night one to remember.

There are lots of benefits to a group date.

  • Singles will find that group date nights can eliminate the pressure and anxiety of getting to know new people.
  • Couples will find that group date nights can be the perfect solution to busy schedules, allowing you to see many friends at once.

Read on to learn about some group date night options – so you can decide what sounds fun to you, and call your friends.

5 Exciting Options for a Group Date Night

Getting a group of friends together doesn’t have to be hard. Try these 5 exciting group dates.

1. Teach Your Friends to . . .

Do you, or a friend, have a unique skill? If you do, gather a group of friends for a teachable group date. Make sure you grab everything you need so that all your friends can learn a new skill.

Don’t limit this to a single date. Consider trying a weekend getaway and learn to ski or snowboard.

2. Try an Escape Room

Going to an Escape Room a popular for group date nights. They force you and your friends to work together. Your adrenaline will rise as you’re challenged to find a way to get out. Grab dinner or drinks afterward to discuss what worked – and laugh about what went wrong!

Bonus: I love to do Escape rooms with my partner and son! It’s a great family activity.

3. Progressive Dinner

Progressive dinners are a great way to engage everyone in your group. Have each couple take a piece of the meal, appetizers, first course, second course, etc.

If your other couples live in the same neighborhood, you can move from house to house as you have dinner. When you all don’t live in the same place, pick one house and have each couple bring the dishes to one, central location.

Don’t tell the other couples what you are making, to add the element of surprise to the night.

4. Back Yard “Drive-In” Movie Night 

Grab a couple of white sheets and hang them in the back yard. Have your friends bring blankets and pillows and show a movie. This works great for special sporting events as well.

If your backyard includes a pool, have a “float in” the movie and show a watery movie like Meg or Jaws. Don’t forget to include popcorn and healthy snacks.

5. Scavenger Hunt

You can take this idea for a group date night – and go in many directions. Check out your local museum and have every couple find a different painting or sculpture. At dinner afterwards, you share what you have learned and seen. Consider “breaking up” couples and mixing up who partners together.

Do a service scavenger hunt. Pick 10 things that need to be done for a local organization or in a local neighborhood. Break up into pairs, and cross items off the list.

You are only limited by your imagination to create fun group date nights. If you need more ideas, you can find a ton of variations on scavenger hunts.

Group dates can also be a great way to meet new people. Have each friend bring a new friend to the group.

Call some friends now – and get creative!

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