A Lazy Life Hack To Reduce Stress And Boost Calm

reduce stress and improve your happinessIf you’re feeling highly anxious – yet also feeling highly tired – then you will love this lazy life hack! It requires you using google to reduce stress.

Your Stress Reducing Lazy Life Hack:

Watch videos and look at photos where you witness love.

G-rated love – where you view people being kind and thoughtful to one another.

Research for why this lazy life hack reduces stress:

Reduce Stress by looking at videos of people helping peopleAn interesting study was performed where participants were told to view photos which represented love and support.

Next, the researchers used functional magnetic resonance imaging – also called fMRI – to measure how the brains of these voyeurs of love reacted to this lovey-dovey assignment.

It turns out their brains showed a reduction in the areas which represent feeling anxiety.

The Stress Lesson Learned?

Witnessing love is helpful at soothing anxiety.

Plus if a participant in this study was shown to be especially anxious, then their results were even stronger.

The highly anxious people who looked at photos of love and support wound up experiencing the most effective reduction of their anxiety.

If you want to lower stress…

If you’re feeling anxiety, get on your computer and start googling for videos and photos of people who are helping people.

You can start by googling key words like “acts of kindness” or “good samaritan” or “local hero.”

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